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Amazing stories and informative articles - some very important information about issues that we should be aware of, such as hidden cameras, and light-hearted videos and everything in between. Now this site has taken over the people sharing videos, one at a time, either it will be a hit and you can share with friends or, IMHO, it will be one of the best sites out there to see everything from sane people to complete idiots. Thanks team, great information and humour, fact-finding will never be the same!! ⭐⭐ 5 star

One of the best trivia games produced, however , I can't say the same for their customer service. They have been having system glitches and i have been getting kicked off. I've sent several messages asking to replace a life and I have received ZERO feedback... wow lol

I find it to be funny at times and inspirational at basically pretty much covers the full spectrum! Would highly recommend it to others!! Awesome

Pretty good and keeps you up to date but I have to warn you the political articles are slightly bias for liberals so don't be alarmed love it

Top buzz has a lil of everything for everyone it's funny,sad,exciting, strange, informative it's topbuzz see for yourselves you'll be satisfied just as well. Flawless

Most of the articles are HORRIBLY written, and don't make much sense. There's a lot of fake news, but there are some really good stories, and it is entertaining. Works great


Totally fun stuff always something to keep me entertained i had my husband install it as well we love it. Pretty good

Awesome I've shared a lot to my FB page already. Great app download it when u have a few mins. Great job

There's many different options on what to watch from the news stories from around the world, Funny kids vids and funny animal vids. I'm enjoying watching. Give it a go! Flawless

Funny and enlightening AP. I enjoy browsing new subjects. Great way to catch a few laughs! Fabulous!

Entertaining. Good way to pass time. A lot of craziness put together. I love it! Fantastic

This app sure keeps me up to date in what's going on and good things in the world. I really like this app very much. Good

Would be better if people can see what I send without downloading app. I'm sure once they see, they'll download app on their own! Go well

This app is great i never new what it was until now it has all the news and videos to keep you on your ties 24/7 Must have

After last update everything is crashed. I can't upload videos. It throws me out when i try to see my "notifications" section. What's happened ? Sorry for my english. Well done!!

This is my favorite app.. It has a little bit of everything and a great variety of topics for everyone.. I've laughed I've cried I've learned so much about so many things I want to try them all and I get a lot of positive responses to my comments which makes me feel good ❤ Go well

I'm someone that doesn't laugh a lot But I use your app. To smile everyday Now , thanx a bunch!!! Brilliant

This app inspires ones purpose and provides the revelent .... from all so many sources around our beautiful planet.. thank you Marvelous

Love the videos, plus you get paid for your videos pay based on creditability and they got to be good. Love it Just wow

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