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It's a great app. I really enjoy some short laughs from it. I do think there is a bit of repetition. But so worth it. Actually sumwhat educational too. Brilliant

I love this app I have learned so much from the videos I've watched. A must have.. Brilliant

Its the best of the best no gay in the military who does that god didn't make Adam and Adam to make baby's to make population spread that's how we all multiply two guys would never only in hell they can go against gods creations Recommend

this app is amazing,I like how you can earn a little money on it.I haven't earned any money yet but I still love the content.I could scroll for hours at a time like I'm doing now. love it

I love top buzz lite because when ever I am down I go on top buzz and I look at the different stories and some are funny and that is what cheers me up so I give a shout out to top buzz lite Muito bom!

I literally haven't used my Kindle app since I got the top buzz app and I love to read Great job

5 stars this app is amazing I love the funny videos and news keep up the great work Fantastic

I'm glad you have a comment section, I like to read others opinions and that I can post my own opinion. I also like the fact you have good news not just all bad news. Keep up the good work. And don't take everything to heart it's just others opinions and sure some stories may be exaggerated but it's up to you to decide what you want to see as real and fictional. Timothy (a different perspectives) Good

Its obviously the national enquire of our day. Take it with a grain of salt. Indo really love the different artist shown and animal memes Awesome

It's great and I will totally recommend this to a friend's/family member and to have to get it Superb!

Yes I love top buzz the stories are. Good and funny. And sometime,s sad stories,s Fabulous!

Topbuzz is the best app I have ever used in my life. thank you very much topbuzz team Cool

Ever since I curiously downloaded TopBuzz almost a year ago, I have found myself using this site almost as much as I use YouTube. And I'm on YouTube a lot! A great source of news, gifs, videos, jokes and more, it is as entertaining as it is stress-relieving. Post your own content and get paid for each view! There is new stuff every day, and also a comment section like on YouTube. There's even more stuff that I haven't yet seen or used, but of the features I have used, I enjoy them immensely. Flawless

This app keeps me up to date on all kinds of things going on && keeps me entertained when I have free time Works great

Funny, scary, informative, curious, & of course, we cannot forget conspiracy theories...some off the wall, others thought provoking. Entertainment for everyone. Omg

Enjoy the app it's pretty much free entertainment that the was casts only talk about,u show it .great job. wow lol

I'm glad you have a comment section, I like to read others opinionated. I also like the fact you have good news not just all bad news. Keep up the good work. Timothy (a different perspectives) Flawless

Seems always up to date on the latest news. Enjoy the variety it has to offer. Great app Just wow

I think this app is great the only thing I don't like is there has been a few videos I posted that has gotten a lot of views but then after I got 1600 views on One 600 views on another and they got rejected therefore I did not benefit from any of it but that is just my complaint otherwise it is a great app great app Great job

It's fun to use. It's a great time killer and break from popular and overrated social media apps Awesome

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