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Love it good game should add car damage if you crash into another car and be able to run the off the road!!!! Other than that awesome Highly Recommend.

Problem in claiming bonus Every hing in this game is fine but too many adds,the bonus from 8th day cant be taken but it shows 'ready'. The gamming controls to be lowered meaning while playing on moving he device left the car goes extreme left and dashes some shut crap other cars.........and number of other cars to be lowered,we can neither over take from rught or left even the brake on applying ,the car should stop immediately in this case its gonna dash other car waste the time and how the hell r we suppose to win all the 3 stars.? Amazing!

Mehhh....... Fun but the control's suck and you can't go super fast all the time and if you hit cars a certain amount of time you get wasted so it okay but the control's suck wow lol

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