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Shake my head I tried to look up a song and it wouldn't search I tried to search another and it still didn't work..what's up with that ?? Worth it!

Love it except for one thing The music database frequently updates in the background which is very annoying. There seems no way to stop it from happening. Don't see why it needs to update so often in the first place. This is a great shame because it is otherwise an excellent app. Reluctantly uninstalling in favour of a similar app that doesn't continually update its database. 5 star

Sync Problem I love this app but the sync out of nowhere has to stop the song and doesn't play back its annoying plz fix Enjoy it!

Great but... I like it and all but, I don't know how to create a folder... There wasn't any instruction or anything to make one... Can anyone tell me how to make a folder? Recommend

This is really nice But, why does the pictures of the song look so blurry? If u fix I'll give it 5 stars. Fantastic

Great music app! Pretty simple to use. Wish it had more options on settings, but it is free. Today it played my music choppy,so hopefully that clears up. Other days no issues.

Finally! I've tried nine or so music apps since my native music app doesn't work. This is the ONLY one that gives me full functionality and steering wheel controls. The reason for 4 stars over 5 is it needs a dark theme option.

Decent It plays music really well, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to make new folders. I'm not sure if I'm just being blind or if I can't for whatever reason, but being able to make my own folders would be nice

Awesome Its a completely amazing app.. Everything I need.. And most importantly am able to play the folder of my choice.. The only little problem is it always keeps synchronising unlike others.

Brilliant Tried several music players. This one is the best so far. No adverts, great. Bit low on features but what it does it does it flawlessly.

Really a very good music player Down loaded recently. This is a very good music player with very high quality audio. I am very happy with this, highly recommended

Great app Small bug found: when I pause the player, I can't delete the notification of the player

Simply better than others I have tried many top music players, but happy to find this, because I was getting sad for not having a nice music player. Keep it up for long. Bass is right boom, I also like virtualizer it is my favorite for 3d effect. I specifically came here to write my opinion and to give thanks. Thanks

Music player Love that it shows up on lock screen and doesn't have adds inserted in list of my music. Only snafu I had to restart my phone to close it out on my Samsung galaxy s3 phone.

Finally a player where I can listen to the folder I want This app is nice its easy and yes you can browse through the folders you or the person has created and no need to play all on shuffle simply select your designated folder and play and yes it supports the headset function too on my syncros jbl a200 thank goodness one problem it crashes a lot and even sometimes dosent play normally and yes the sync feature is very annoying

Better than most music players. This program seems to find my music library better than most apps i ve tried. Simple interface with easy to press menus. So far so good!

Its good but... There is a few things no t needs to fix first of all is that hw do you download I found out after 45 minutes it was not easy at all 2nd is that know one wants samsung music that is boring lame na stuff like they always say the heart wants what it wants ( lol ).#$o lame

V.good. With some additional settings option can become best Player is of course very good. Has awesome audio output quality, much better than most player. Need to open up some restrictions. For instance, I can't disable auto refresh which happens all the time suddenly, while playing and stops the player which is irritating.

Its Great Yeah...its actually a pretty good music app. I don't have any problems with it, no ads so that's good. Its worth installing. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

Finally something I had such a hard time finding app suitable for my Mediapad T1 then I got this tab and now im happy !!

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