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It's stupid how you have to download the whole game to get the certain things I mean it's not bad but still I really don't get it I hope you understand what my comment is about and I'm not trying to be rude but please do something about it PLEASE!!.. Go well

It so nice I like this game very much if you can download do it you will not turn back love it

This game is nice but need more advancement like there must be compition between these models on the behalf of their fashion style and then levels for game are also required Perfect!

عالیه ۱ ستاره هم ندادم به علت اینکه بعضی هاش قفله Must have

I love this game it is so interesting and I love playing it when I am bored and I suggest to all of u to please install this game Great!

I always wanted a fashion game but never found a good one this app changes all of that Great!

خیلی عالی و قشنگ بود ولی کاش قفل نداشت Great!


خیلی باربی اش خوشگلی هست لباس های قشنگی هم داره Recommend

بازیش عالی هستش صورت باربی هاشم خیلی زیبا هستش ، اما تعداد کمی از وسایلش قفل هست ، ولی به هر حال بسیار بسیار عالی هستش . حتما دانلود کنید ، ۱۰۰ ستاره هم کمش هست . ممنون . 5 star

It's a great way to find new stylish things to ware and for your hair and makeup! Brilliant

It is a lovely game but the only problem is that everything is not unlocked even though It doesn't say there are in app purchases Fantastic

it's fun to dress up i can even dress my baby girls her favorite colour clothes Works great

It was great I just wish there was more to it and I have to go back and enjoy the game Worth it!

It's awesome game and i was searching for like this game i loved the game thanks Peachy Games LLC Good

I thought it was boring YEAH But I kinda liked it its so cool i love the hair styles and the Dressses like their so Pretty i Love this game i invited my friend Yiyian so yeah i hope she plays it I really love. Em but please make the loading a little faster Superb!

this is very interesting game I love it so much this is very nice game please install this and play with enjoy thank you Fantastic

Nice very nice but a 7or 8 you are unlocked but all are locked and in this game not also have the best hairstyle also very very bad hairstyle and some hairstyles unlocked also Awesome

Very nice game. I enjoyed a lot . But one problem is there that everything is not unlocked and you need to buy those things. Brilliant

I like the game it's just that I thought that the models would walk down a runway Omg

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