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Love it the best game ever and im very picky with my games i choose and i just absolutly love it Fantastic

It was a nice game but we can not play again and it was soo boring after playing once, Good

I have been trying so hard to find a horse game for me 5 year old that isn't to hard. And this one is absolutely perfect in everyway! Surprisingly

I love this game one of the bestest game I had ever played❤ Omg

Hated it. I was expecting a pony dress up game like the pictures show, but the check button is so big that I accidentally confirmed before I finished dressing my pony, and when I tried to go back it just made me restart the entire level with the same horse. So much for being "MY pony" There's also like an ad almost EVERYTIME you click something! Highly Recommend.

It is a fantastic game but there is way to many adds. It is annoying having to wait for the add to finish then go on to the next level. Amazing!

I so much love this game Works great

It is so better game I love you tooth fairy horse I love this game but it has so many adds Great!

This anmazing sorry but delete the adds I get inod by the adds Brilliant

I loved this game very much. Its beautiful. U get to design ur own custom dress of ur own color choice of the fairy. Omg

This game is so lovely . I want to have a horse in my house now Cute game for children and adults Fabulous!

I think it's awesome because I get to see how fun it is to take care of a horse. Worth it!

It was Amazing! It is the best game ever. Well done!!

XOXOXOXOXOX I LOVE IT i wish it had less ads it is very annoying not The game the ads Must have

Annoying This has too many adds, and it is super short. I did like it though for the few minutes I had it but please make less adds or at least shorter ones or ones you can skip :) Surprisingly

This is a good game, its beautifully designed and its fun. The only thing wrong is way to many adds. Omg

I think yall should have it to were you can dye the horses hair. You should have it to were you can make the horse play outside. And to make it to were you can braid its hair and do more stuff with its hair. Amazing!

It was awesome but it only lets you go to level 7 but if you are under 8 you whould like it if you like ponys you will love that game it is really good and cute Amazing!

This game 7s amazing I have given you 5 stars, just love it and it takes a short time to download than other games. Worth it!

I thank you for making beautiful horses even the rainbow one because he is dirty and I'm going to name it Sparkle Enjoy it!

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