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FREE You make such awsome games but we have to pay for them! You should change this because I know that if you make the games free more people will play it and you will become more popular.pls do this for everyone who agrees with me. Surprisingly

I think you should make more games free because ny parebts wont let ne buy anything so i just cant buy anything so thank you for making your games free and i hope you continue for me and other people please? Like please make any game on sale plz i check here every day to see if a game is on sale and if you make any game free i will be extremely grateful and will give all your games 5 star ratings Fabulous!

Please make ALL of them free!! But Toca boca kitchen 1 & 2 and the building one NEED to stay in "you have to pay to get in" mode, please respond on why you don't make your games free, and a useful tip: people download free games more then payed. NOT EVERYONE HAS MONEY TO BUY THE GAMES, YOU KNOW! Amazing!

IT IS SO FUN! The only thing that needs work is when u put the person in the wheelchair, make it move with it. And for the upgrade make an upstairs and an ice cream factory with a hotel and other cool places like a park, an after care, and other sorts of stuff. Also put a big theme park. Make more beds and houses and add more people and places. Sorry i keep making corrections to your game. Anyway, i love your games and keep making them!<3 Great!

I love this game. I am 11 but this game is still fun to me. Please add more stuff though. I only put 4 stars because 3 days later after I got this ( for free because I got it during a sale) the hair of all the people dissapeared. Please fix this bug. Flawless

Please let other toca life games go on sale.And this game is amazing! The empty hill should be a shop on where it sells school supplies,food and clothes! Great game anyway! Please please please do a spring or summer sale! Like put toca vacation on sale cause its summer and its necessary! Perfect

More please You should put a store on the empty hill and the store should sell school supplies, clothes, and food. You should also add a 2nd floor to the school and on the 2 floor you could put another class room, nurses offices, and maybe a gym to. Thank you guys soo much I love this app and all of the Toca Life apps. NEW APP FOR TOCA LIFE SHOULD PLEASE BE TOCA LIFE:FARM Well done!!

Game is all good...... But you should add MORE STUFF! Also there was a turd in the litter box and first I fed it to the dog and he ate it. Then I put it on the owners head. and then I put it by their face and......THEY ATE IT! Ewe. It was so nasty. I told my sister. Cool

This game can really kill time. Once you get into it, it's hard to get out of. My only concern for the sake of the game is that there should be an additional room somewhere in or on the school, otherwise, it's fantastic! Superb!

Thank you SOOO much for making this app free. I would to have the otger games to be free is possible. These games are the BEST and me, unable to play them is sort of annoying me. I would like you to make Toca Boca City and Office free. I played them in my old tablet(before it restarted) and it was TONS of fun!! Just wow

I love the game. Can you add more on to it it's just so short in the school it needs a art room a Jen a nurse's office and it should have a bus to the kids can ride to school and I think that there should be a hotel so there's more places for people to live at that thank you hope you read this and make the Improvement xoxo Great!

Nice game but kinda a little boring add second floor,gym,nurse office and a cafeteria. (Srry wrong spelling) and make more of these make like going to an ocean park that lets you feed the animals,swim with them,food area,game area etc.other than that good game! Keep tge good work! Just wow

The only reason I'm giving it a three star review is because I have a problem with this particular game and I usually love all of the toca games and I even give them five stars however the school one is not working on my phone nor my tablet. The game will work and I can play it but then when I go to a different location the items I had the characters holding goes back to my last location. And the clothes I put them in will change back to the original outfit. This always happens when I go to a different location on the game. Please fix this issue and I will rate this toca game a five star! Thanks for putting this toca game on sale too! Oh and if I wasnt clear on whats wrong with this game then please let me know and I will try being more clear. Great job

So, this game: AWESOME. Like seriously, I can see that you put a lot of time in your games and that you try and make it better than ANYTHING. However, there are many glitches. I got this game when it was for free and there were many glitches, like: people disappear, it doesn't save, blacks out ETC. Please try and fix these minor issues, if you do, it may as well possibly be one of the BEST games for children! ;) Fabulous!

Awesome but... I love this game but maybe you can make a clothing shopping place cause I don't like when they wear the same thing and please add a grocery store and I'll give 5 stars Worth a go!

Glitch My people would be gone things would glitch in random places when I move something and go somewhere else and come back it's back too the place it used to be Great!

Hey!! This app is amazing, yea. Can developers please make more animations and do a small editor for characters? Sorry for my impudence and for my bad eng, but this will be very cool! I want to try it sooo haaard! ♡ Brilliant

Love it but can u make some more lands and stuff like maybe a classroom of like 4 instead of 1 or something its just so short. Perfect!

Ok, IT IS A GREAT GAME! But my school keeps getting glitched and all the items went to outside the lockers ;-; Go well

I love this game but my only concern is when I bring the two puppies to the yard it glitches out and says there's no characters to place in the school yard. Please can you fix the problem for me Toca? Thank you. Go well

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