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great app, but what has happened to the Dropbox Sync? It just shows 'Network Error', even if I clear the access token and relogin... Edit: It seems to work again... Muito bom!

If I buy the pro version can I freeze google play services and the play store without running into license issues? Amazing!

This is best backup app period! Been using it for years on multiple phones, backing up data/apps etc. The tired outdated UI seriously still needs updating Enjoy it!

Immediately force closes when starting with Android 7.1, have tried clearing data and reinstalling. Used to work before updates. love it

I just downloaded today but lost my phone system anyway to get back full version i dont want to pay again Recommend

Good app, has it's problems. Developer is very helpful. I use pro version, worth the dollars. pro is worth 5 stars Surprisingly

Pro License Using TB after a long time. Long ago I had purchased pro license once but now Playstore doesn't show this as already purchased. Do I need to pay again? Enjoy it!

The only issue I have that whenever I recover app+data for some apps, their push notifications don't work anymore. For example when flashing a new ROM and I recover apps with data via TB this way, I don't receive any notifications anymore for some apps. Normal recovery via Google would have worked flawlessly. Pretty good


Bought Pro in 2011. As a root user, Titanium has become essential to my phone. And now I have a Verizon Pixel through work. Please give us poor souls some non-root functionality. Go well

hey dev i love your app this is temporary 1 star please add option to restore only app without root it can be done with android installer bcz i have old backups and now i want to restore only apps and i don't want to root my phone love it

Its good but... My biggest gripe is the lack of a menu button on GUI. It would help so much to have that simple function because I'm using s7 which has recent apps button and back button, no options button so I have to download button mapper to get the options because I'm not aware of any other way to get the menu up. Please FIX THIS ASAP Well done!!

Huge amount of functions, so far every one has worked. And the only app I've used that successfully backs up & restores app data. Thank you! Awesome

Není zde žádná jiná aplikace, která by uměla to, co Titanium (bohužel). Ale rozhodně by aplikace mohla být přehlednější, jednodušší a pohodlnější. love it

Great app however when u try to restore backup on Android 8.1 it is stuck at 0% and I have to disable hypershell and restore in interactive mode hope u can fix this :) the! Cool

Edit: Forced to drop this to 4 stars due to restoring Android ID no longer functioning on Android 8.0. It continues to pop up every time the app starts. NO RESPONCE from Dev after several weeks. This is by far the best and most useful app I have ever bought. I could not imagine my phone with out it! This is the first app you should install after rooting you phone! Must have! Flashing ROMs would be a day long process without it. Setting up a brand new phone would be tidious and less fun.So many uses and never had 1 issue with the app at all! Not bad

I loved this app bt recently it stopped showing backups after flashing a rom, even after selecting proper directory it says there are no backups, plz fix it. I'm using Android 8.1. Thank you :) Flawless

Love this app, have been using it since my first android device. I think a android material design update is long due. Highly Recommend.

Saves a lot of time when your installing a lot of different roms. 3 years later and still the first app I install on a new ROM. Good

Been using for years. It is the one app I've never uninstalled, any issues that came up after Android updates or new device released has always been fixed within a reasonable amount of time. Pro is well worth the cost, and I paid around 2011. I feel like I should donate :) Just wow

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