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First time playing, so far so good. Didn't see any instructions, still figuring it out! Recommend

Ads are annoying but its very good to play. I like how its not too easy to play as well Works perfectly

Great Great game though I arrows go right through the target then claims I missed but overall great game Perfect

Very nice It is a wonderful game but the ads always pop up when you try to go to a new level. But otherwise very nice. Worth it!

Amazing I love this game iv been playing it for about a week now. Its a great time killer and a good game to play when wife puts you in DOG house. Please keep updating it i love it!!!! If you cant tell i get put in the Dog house all the time!!!!! Surprisingly

Im not much of a cell phone gamer. Especially when they try to bribe good ratings from ya. But this is about the Only game I've actually enjoyed playin. Perfect

You better than archery king ,with all there bots! They cheating in there tournaments! Awesome

fun its challenging to say the lease an fun needs more upgrades but over all i like it Fantastic

عالیه اما اگر تبلیغ نداشت بهتر بود Flawless

Too sensitive and timer quick With everything on a timer and the sensitivity so extreme upper levels become practically impossible. Add in the wind and the game is frustrating rather than fun. Worth a go!

It is very super game why mean it has unlockables and more levels. BUT UPDATE THE GAME PLEASE! Awesome

I LOVE THIS GAME I really love this game and if you are thinking to get this game you really should Perfect

Fun game This is a very fun game only problem is to many ads but i can live with it cause the game is fun Fabulous!

Very addictive game.. Good game but the control is very difficult to master...guess that's wat makes it fun and challenging. wow lol

Excellent game Wish we can bye more stuff for the compound bow . Like a different scopes and pulleys and strings and arrow tips and arrows and the rest. But a great game past time wow lol

Archery Different scopes would be great. Gets you hooked trying to get to the next level Great!

Great Time Killer Game. I'm very much happy to have this game. When ever, I feel bore, I use to play this great game. Thanks to the developers of this game app. So, I'm rating this game for all 5 Stars. Thank you developer thank you for this much interesting game in a realistic way. Marvelous

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