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They all are just things i heard before and most of them are just thoughts and quotes Works great

Some of these people "giving advice" are stunningly stupid. Frankly, I keep the app for entertainment! Makes me feel intelligent. Just wow

Great but.. Its great app. I love it in fact ❤. But, the only problem is whene i want to delete the app or make format factory to my dvice i cant retern my profile!. I wish you solve this problem and thanks ☺. Works perfectly

How to make better better (AKA my feedback) 1. Say a post has 0 votes. I downvote it, and it now has -1 votes. I then comment on that post, and go back to the main screen, but it says the post still has 0 votes and no comments. However, when I click on it, my comment is still there. This might have something to do with being anonymous, but I'm not sure 2. Add a function to report people and posts. There are WAY too many ads and spammers on here. Thanks! Works great

Only need a small tweak. Great app. I use it everyday to browse through tips and share tips of my own. One small flaw is that you cannot take back your like/dislike on a post. So please fix it and it will be flawless Must have

Very useful app A lot of fun and useful life hacks to help you through. I have disagreed with some and it makes for a spirited discussion. So far, people are reasonable and we can disagree without mean and vicious dialogue. I really like this part, it reminds me of a better time. Worth a go!

Lots of user generated tips and tricks The app has a fair amount of user made tips, tricks, and helpful ideas. The only problem is that if your a grammar or spelling Nazi, you WILL go insane with the number of errors. The app needs an option that will allow other users to recommend edits to better this. Recommend

Bugs, and bugs but This is a great app and I use it everyday. But it crashes a lot after new updates. So developers plz fix this and you will get better response I promise. Brilliant

BEST app for life hacks It's quite useful app. I'd recommend this app to all. The only biggest problem with this app is, it crashes so often. Please developers fix this problem asap Just wow

Help Would be really useful if I was able to move this to my SD card, phone storage is running out might have to uninstall Muito bom!

Limited... This app is great but there are not many life hacks available they are limited and remain that way wow lol

small,useful,and md this app has meet everything I need,so far this could be my favourite app.The skills shared are clear and they help a lot Not bad

Cool app I enjoy this app a lot and found plenty useful tips. Would give 5 stars if there was an edit feature included Well done!!

Useful app I regularly check this app and i highly recommend it. Adding a hamburger menu would be great to make navigation easier. Surprisingly

Informative Very good app ,, makes you aware of lots of things you never thought of nor knew Flawless

Great Could have be better!!! With less bugs. And an offline reader would be much appriciated. Omg

Awesome, would be cool if there were more users! Hopefully more people find out about it Just wow

Inspiring You get great advice on this app, and you also get to share your own advices to live better. love it

Wow... Amazing No words to describe such a brilliant wonderful app.. Thanks & cheers to its Creaters Omg

Awesome I love it! It's really entertaining and it gives you stuff to try out and makes you wonder if it really works. Works perfectly

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