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Great app, easy to use, saves trying to work the tip after you've had a few beers. Lol... Perfect

Works for me and gives an accurate tip, as most restaurants tip calculator short change the staff. 5 star

Very simple & useful tool. Easy to whip out & use after a good meal with friends or colleagues. Easy to change tip % and split among any number of guests. Brilliant

I am so happy to down load Tip Calculator on my cell phone/ tablet . And it goes with me everywhere when I go out eating with family and co workers to help slip the food bill, also leave our tip for that person. Surprisingly

I really enjoy using this app because I have trouble figuring out the restaurant bills. I am not good with Math at all so this really works well for me. I have used it before and it has always been 100% accurate for me. Brilliant

I like this app because you never know what to tip. Whether the server is good or bad Fantastic

Great app because I wanted to confirm something and with the tip app it helped me. My job is in the transportation field and eveyone uses a credit card to pay. They want to give 15% or 20% for a tip and at first i thought it was great but someone told me that it only covers the credit card processing fees.They complained that the 25% was to high but the tip app only confirmed my suspicion that it was only a $1.00 or $2.00 more. Thanks Enjoy it!

I have always been a tipper.Math is not my best subject tho'.This app is so much appreciated! Marvelous

I used it and tried others but came back to this one because of the slider. Very very handy. Well done!!

Very good. Excellent and calculates the tip quickly and splits between others of your party. Amazing!

This App is a life saver, I just discovered that it will even round off your tip to make your bill even!! Excellent idea... Superb!

It's fine, but I uninstalled it because it started giving me notifications. A tip calculator doesn't have a need to notify me of anything. Just wow

I really enjoy the ease and use of this tip calculator. Makes figuring out how much to give my server super easy. Omg

Just a nice and pleasant interface. Works very well and accurate. It is basic but, it gets the job done. You often get complaints from those using free stuff. Funny how they complain but still use the app Also, apparently they are Rocket scientists and this is not sofistagated enough for them. Why dont they use their government SUPPLIED calculators . Go well

Sweet app. Very helpful. I have gotten compliments from servers that have seen me use it, and they love it. Recommend

Yes it's basic, but that's what I love about it. Simple,..and very user friendly. Well done!!

Love this app. Now I know I'm tipping the right amount instead of the basic. Had a party of ten last night, it was easy to use and I do believe our waitress was pleased with her tip Surprisingly

I find I tip more often now that it is so easy to pay the right amount. Before I just guessed which meant someone was shorted or received too much. love it

Decent, but basic. Not perfect, but some might find the design a bit ugly. Functionally, it works just fine; but I'm finding the contrast of colors a bit off-putting (which is what needs some work). Overrall, it's great. Perfect!

I use this app. all the time when I am at a restaurant or at the barbershop. Not only does it save me time, it also saves my friends time.We love it!!! Amazing!

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