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The inability to permanently turn off the typing feature is out-the-door review from me. I have a 5" phone with big fingers. Typing is not an option. Same thing happened with their Spanish App. Delete Just wow

Good but could be much better. I cast the app via mirroring so I can play with my kids. Native chromecast support would be great along with changing the orientation. With the large format of the TV the questions and especially the answers could be larger. I am specifically commenting on cards created BY Duolingo. Keep the enhancements coming and with more cards! Amazing!

It's great and helps a lot practising the French skills I learnt with Duolingo. As ppl mentioned below, however, can't be used offline. For me it'd be more important than accessing Duolingo offline to he honest. Not bad

It's great! Very easy to learn and practice~ but maybe would be great if you let me change the language to Spanish or other languages. I'm Mexican, I can speak English, but there are many words that I have to translate and that's not very helpful. Would be great~ Works great

The app is completely useless right now. I rated 5* previously because I loved working with it, but the app simply stopped working. I did not use it for some time and now I can run the app, but the exercising mode simply does not work - I tap the icon but nothing happens, also when I want to train only on one deck of cards, the screen just rolls to the top and nothing happens. Updated, uninstalled and reinstalled - did not solve the problem. Everything works perfectly in browser on phone as well as on PC, so the problem is only with the app. Good

I haven't really used the app much yet, but I definitely think there needs to be a short tutorial. It's easy to use but nothing is explained at all so I had to look up what the different card colors meant. I could only find someone else's thoughts on it so hopefully that's correct. Enjoy it!

Pretty good app except I've noticed a couple of the words are different than doulingo such as ein on the duolingo app it means "a" on this it means "one". Now technically a does mean one but I was under the impression from duolingo that it meant "a". Eine on this app is "a" just like on duolingo. Since this app is also from doulingo I am confused as to which is correct and I'm afraid I'm beginning to loose confidence all together, which really is a shame since the doulingo app is a really fun, easy way to learn language. Muito bom!

By far the best layout when it comes to creating cards, and the ability to add extra notes to each card is awesome. I downloaded a few other apps and this one seems to be the easiest to navigate. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5* is that there seems to be no option to access tge cards offline. Requiring an internet connection is a big hit for me, I wish you could download a "plus" version like the dualingo app, making the content availabke offline as well. I travel for work and would love to be able to use the app on the plane. Perfect

I want to like this app, but... It's got a good interface and some nice features. Unfortunately it MUST have network access at all times or it completely stops working. This means that if you ride the subway, or want to use the app on a plane, or are in a building where you don't get a signal, it's pretty much useless. Cool

I really loved this app but ever since the most recent update on my Galaxy S7 edge, the lessons haven't been working and searching for new decks just shows the loading earth with no results coming up. Please fix the bug. Awesome

Not available offline. I added a bunch of decks with many cards in each. Then put my phone in airplane mode to see if I could use it while traveling and it won't let you view anything at all. Can't even see your list of decks if you close the app and reopen it without internet access. This will be a major problem for me when I plan to study on my long flight out of the country. love it

I was very excited to try it and I still think it would be very helpful, but it doesn't work neither in my phone or my computer. What's the problem? Edit: It works now! Thank you very much, it's very helpful. It's great.! Great job

Could you guys maybe add a dumbbell to the course screen, so we can practice multiple sections. For example if I've completed Basics 1 and 2 and I'm on the main screen of my chosen language I can just click on the dumbbell and practice all the sections I instead of having to click on either Basics one or two and just practice them individually. I HOPE YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND MY POINT LOL Brilliant

I like this app!! actually I think I can learn a lot from it. but then the only problem is that every time I tried to create a deck.. it suddenly kept on closing.. so Im having a hard time creating one. Can you please help me fix this? I really wanted to use this app ㅠㅠ Awesome

I really like this app and am interested to see where they're going with it. I particularly LOVED learning the names & locations of 50 countries, half of which I didn't even know existed. Feel free to call me ignorant but sitting there learning names is boring and takes forever- until Duolingo got a hold of it. Works great

I think this is a great app and it works well, but why is it not integrated into Duolingo? To me that makes more sense for the app developer and for the learner. Use for this app doesn't get much use sense I practice with duolingo everyday and my time is limited because of my typical busy day. 5 star

very helpful app to learn in fun way. simply loved it. Morever enjoyed learning . just 1 issue please add reminder setting for particular time. rest everything is beautiful and esthetic. i would recommend this to everyone who wants to learn from kids to and learn. great work hats off to the developer Worth it!

Great flashcard app. I love that it's linked to Duolingo, I love that you can hide cards in a deck when you know them, and I love that you can create your own new cards and deck. It would be great if you could add any card to create your own big amalgamated deck. For eg, I use the flashcards that complement the Duolingo Spanish course, which are separated into lessons. I'd love to be able to take individual cards from the different lessons and add them to my own personalised deck, so I'd have all the cards I need to work on in one place. Perhaps as an add-on to the Create feature, but more like what a playlist is to music. Other than that one suggestion, I love this app! Great job

Just started using this app after using Duolingo for a little while and it seems great! Would love it if more language courses could be added (Korean for example) Awesome

It's a very useful app. But there's something wrong with it! When you come out of a lesson, it jumps to the first of the lessons' list and it is difficult to find where you were and return. It should be more user friendly. Works perfectly

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