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Couldn't live without it. Has replaced the need for flashlights for the most part. Just wow

I like the way the old flashlight app used to be rather than this new updated version everything's harder to configure I wish they'd make it simpler like it was it was much more fun and more user-friendly and again more upgrades are added and fewer functions are available I'm bummed I used to give it a 5 out of 5 now it's only a 3 out of 5 for me Fantastic

It's a flash light. Works through your flash for camera on phone. It's nice and bright like an LED light bulb. Amazing!

very good and relevant tool.. tnx to the developer ang keep innovating useful apps that can utilize by the common and not so very techie people like me , congrats and keep it up ! Omg

Such a handy app! Great for finding your way back to your car in the dark after a concert or game. I use it when I'm out hunting for antiques to look inside furniture, or back in dimly lit corners. Very convenient app! I wouldn't change a thing! Enjoy it!

Useful, always at hand, never failed. The best app for lighting your way, so to speak. Go well

This application is very very useful to us...thank for designing such an easy and convenient to use app.. wow lol

Everything is upto mark...can easily meet your expectations...just need to add a light controller to max or min the amount of light... Brilliant

پشیمان نشدم پس شما هم دانلود کنید ضمانت با بنده که راضی میشوید Perfect

Great app! It's free and it's amazing. What else can one ask for? (Except for free beer. ..). Thank you for a great app! Update...been using this for 5 years...still love it! 2018...Still Awesome! Enjoy it!

It's a very handy app. I don't have to carry a separate flashlight to still have the functionality of a flashlight with my cellphone. Pretty good

Excellent app i ever seen i completely recomend this app. If i could give more stars i would. Marvelous

An excellent addition for my new phone. I doubt I will use all of the functions but I would recommend without reservation. Pretty good

The Brightest: this is the best, the brightest I've ever seen...Keep it goin gp Marvelous

Works well as a flashlight, and since it requires minimal permissions, is unlikely to be a malware. Just wow

Quite a convenient app to have on my home screen, it comes in handy in so many situations Fantastic

I used this app for quiet long time. The app provides handy additional features. Pretty good

Love the choices of diff lighting. Best torch app out of the others I've tried Not bad

A very good and useful app Well done!!

Best flashlight app on the store. Most flashlight apps ask for permissions to things that are suspicious, such as access to microphone, photos and other things not relevant to the app. Obvious hacker danger with those. Fabulous!

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