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This game is ok .I didn't like it too much half of the dresses and makeup are locked. It's not a good game. Please don't download it. Flawless

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It's great way to pass time. Also it's has a great way to skip work. Also it's is entertaining game. Great!

This game do not allow us I cannot win a fashion show always Michale wins she is so beautiful Fabulous!

Hollywood is not opening I am so sad please tell me how I open the Hollywood without purchasing Flawless

It's a good game, has a glitch I ran into but other than that it is a wonderful makeup game for all ages! Superb!

This game is very good but I can't give 5 stars because half of the items are locked this game is okay Worth a go!

This game is amazing it has everything it love it don't get me wrong i wish all the things were free Great!

I really liked this game but I just wish that some of the wardrobe items would be free. Like when we watch a video to unlock some items it gets locked after 2 days and then we have to buy it with our money. Great job

Star fever is an outstanding game but most of the things are locked my little sis wants to open all of them but this is how children are spoiled. Plz open all of them.This is a big request to all . Highly Recommend.

I liked it but half of the items are unlocked. Please unlock it. If you will unlock it, I will give you 5 stars Fabulous!

The best This game is the best because there is so many selection for dresses and makeup I love this game an there are no cons Awesome

I like this game very much but when I play this game the best 5 star

Best makeup game ever I luv this game It has interesting things to do I felt like I am makeup in real It has beautiful dresses to wear It has best assesaries But I wish that all the things unlocked But I luv it alot Go well

It's ok because the drees is so nice i can not imagin it and the make is so bad and the main thing locked so that why i have given 3 star Marvelous

Amazing but needs just a few more improvement because my Hollywood is not opening at all. What should I do? Works perfectly

It's okkkkkkkkk bot not wow ,,what it shows in the picture above it appears absolutely different after downloading. .....more than half things are locked..what's necessary of giving those if we cannot use it.., it should also have an option of getting money cut from the mb in our device and get unlocked ..It is not possible to unlock by credit or debit .This should be given attention in all libiitech games.this can make libitech more fab and attract more pls pls pls give attention Superb!

I think this game is awesome its such a good game you should get it. The only thing I don't like about it is that things are locked. 5 star

Totes cray cray I love love looved it. Its the best game ever ....I've gotta say I like all libii games they are always and totally awesome.#keep it up :-) Fantastic

Rhythambika I love it so much,but so many things are unlock so pleeeeeeeeeease unlock it Great job

Love it You have got to try it I love this game and I am sure that you are also going to like it. Aàaaaaaawwwwsssssooooommmmmeeeee. Perfect

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