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This app is exactly what i was looking for. Now when i travel in my technicolour tardis i can reach mach 9 speeds and get to my destination in nearly no time at all thanks to timeshift burst for giving me the only app I'll ever need to travel the space time continuum so quickly, efficiently and safely. Recommended for testing the butterfly effect. Must have

Nice app, but I never know when it's shooting, or when it's started. Bring back burst shot! Pls Flawless

I like Sony. I really do. But when it comes to Camera software my love literally vanishes. Capture-save time is so slow that even my old Nokia handled it better. Plus Timeshift Burst needs to be improved. We need flash support, manual or auto options so that we can capture our best moments on highest quality. And the real question is when this camera app can capture 60 photos under 1 sec why does it take u more than 2 (even more on low light and night conditions) sec to capture 1 photo Pretty good

I like this app and I use it quite a lot but I had to uninstall it because it couldn't be moved and saved in the SD card and it was taking up space on my phone's memory. I'm a Sony fan - - I've had P990, K800i, Xperia Mini, Xperia C4, and now an XA Ultra - - but Sony should make their apps - all of them - movable to the SD card. I've even had to delete themes coz of this same reason. Surprisingly

L'applicazione è davvero bella e utile. Quasi impossibile perdersi l'azione che si sta inquadrando. Mi piacerebbe però che le foto avessero una qualità più alta specie con scarsa luminosità. Omg

Not working on my Sony E5 Had this app pre installed on my last device and loved it but now that I have it on my new handset its not appearing in the setting to switch it on. Must have

Burst mode in camera 2.0 has been taken Where is the setting for resolution and bring back burst mode back to camera 2.0 Fantastic

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Having small children, I use this All the time & it helps me to always get a good clear photo & choose the best one!! Muito bom!

Capturing 61 pictures in 2 seconds is absolutely awesome! SONY proprietary camera technology is the best in smartphones, globally. Only SONY created this technology!Anyone who buys another brand of smartphone might as well send a pile of cash up in flames, because that's just as good of a use for their money! Personally, I love the camera features on my XPERIA Z5 E6653 variant. I sincerely Thank you, SONY software development team members, for yet another job well done. -Chris from Alabama Perfect!

it is misleading when you view details of the photo and its only 226kb. I had to use some intelligence to realize that it is actually. 31 x 226kb photo's. Still, it is quite useful for action shots. Works perfectly

Best camera app on the market I use it to analyze my tennis strokes. If only there was a way to put the burst on my computer and share the entire thing with others, this would be even better than perfect. It also used to allow me to look through pictures in the album by siding my finger over the image, but now the images all stay on screen, covering a large part of the image. I want that functionality back where the images aren't jn the way. Brilliant

Make it play like live photo would be nice. Add more frame for longer moment. Export to gif full size pleaz Flawless

Great. Many priceless shots that would have been missed otherwise. FEATURE REQUEST. Please consider making it possible to quick launch straight into this. Works perfectly

Time shift burst Love this app, I use this on a daily basis as I'm a sports coach, this camera allow me to show athletes what they need to change in there positions when running,jumping and throwing. 5 star

This is awsome this app is wonderful :D i loveit i can take too many pic with my xperia Z :D plz give update to optimize on lollipop Works great

Awesome feature Just ok to take shots..and avoid bad pictures... Sony and please give option to delete the rest after selection Fantastic

Hybrid fast autofocus This version is stable but it refreshed the Xperia Home after exit the app. And the app also automatically exiting after tap the capture button in the viewfinder.

Shuts down automatically after capturing It's was working awesome before I updated it but now I can't even preview the shots I take.....seriously this problem needs to be fixed....

Sony xperia E3 Its juz awesome

Sony xperia E3 Its juz awesome Perfect

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