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The app is fine for buying tickets but in case I need to transfer the ticket, it's always been a huge pain. The transfer process only worked 1 out of the 4 times I've tried to use it, even leading to me losing money over not being able to transfer a ticket I'd promised someone. Brilliant

Convenient, easy to use, paperless tickets are cool...but sometimes you might want to have something to physically hold onto and the app gives you the option. 5 star

Very quick with updates and alerts me when any of my favorite bands are in my area. Recommend

Only thing i would ask TM to change would be to allow for seating chart and seat selection. Worth a go!

love the ease and convenience of the app. the on-screen tickets are great. still hate all the extra fees. Flawless

I use it to by concert tickets. It would be nice if they had more information about the concert vs just trying to sell me tickets. If a band is coming, at least say who is opening or who is with them. Pretty basic really. I shouldn't have to dig around online to find out who someone is touring with. Would you try to sell hockey tickets and just mention the home team? wow lol

Convenient way to get ripped off by ticket master "service" fees once again. Definitely hop on those presale tickets Marvelous

Been using this app for YEARS!!! Had a few hiccups back with my Note 3 but I'm rockin with the Note 8 n STILL using the app n having zero issues!!! TicketMaster for the win! Perfect

Fees are excessive. Can't find my voucher codes on the app. Can only get to them via desktop computer. Flawless

it's a great app Except for the fact that I bought tickets and they gave me sent me tickets Greenville instead of Charleston that I clicked on Not bad

I can't look for tickets out of the US, which is not useful if I'm travelling or for those planning to live abroad... Fantastic

Very easy to use and also give me so many options and prices. Ticket master is the best. Pretty good

Easy to navigate. Easy to use. Wish it has a interactive seat map for all venues and events. Other than that, I love the experience. Not bad

I used this app for 3 years and every year it never verifies my credit card and its just really annoying to have to refresh and put in information over and over again 5 star

Able to use seating chart to find seats on some concerts but not others? Have to use the LIST view and pick a section and row and it will give you available seats. Other than that it's great. Go well

Really easy to use and secure. It's also nice having the tickets on my app rather than in paper. Good

Liked the 360 view. Was easy to sign in to my account and get tickets instantly Brilliant

Is anyone else having this problem: I bought a ticket on and wanted to use my app to get into the game however when I logged into my account, clicked My Tickets. It came up as a blank screen and nothing would come up. Luckily I was able to get the box office to print it off for me. Anyone know how to fix this??? I did try it with data and wifi and neither worked. Marvelous

App will no auto locate me for some reason and I cannot manually input my location. Also cannot bypass this step to see my purchases or make new ones. Not cool Omg

The app works great, but I don't appreciate the price changing when looking for parking for an event Perfect

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