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If only your computer parthner can read your game. ie. Parther trumping on jack and i throw 9 to run the game. Game is good. App comes in handy when 4 frens are not arround Just wow

Partner is dumb My partner is an idiot,never pulls trumps,gives away a 9 when he has a Q etc. Computer logic needs to be fixed Must have

Needs work Good attempt, works well but Please update. . . Jodi calls need to be included when counting, partner needs to stop saving high cards in thunee. . . Kunnuk needs to be introduced. . . Also the dealing and calling for trump needs to be slowed down Recommend

Many faults_unrealistic "Unfortunately thunee has stopped working" n the app closes also u cannot play a trumpless game in the oppositions favour and one last thing when i call thunee and eg: a 9 card is my catch my partner catches me ??? Try n program to throw all high cards first if no colour is available Fantastic

Samsung Galaxy S4 Not bad, game just crashes often. When the screen switches off, the game resets, if you get a call or message or pop up etc, the game resets... Great job

Few tweaks required Great app. Just a few tweaks you need to sort out. App doesnt recognize when opponents do not have trump. Miss not calling kanuck. Maybe an option button to call it? Larger cards and ability to set cards in your screen eg..set all spades in ascending order together. Place an ability to claim and count cards in your winning hands. Thanks for a great app Not bad

Not bad! Awesome game. Was taught this at school. Just played a few rounds and on my one Thunee call my partner sold me down the river by producing a Jack which he should have thrown away long before the end. I look forward to the updates and improvements. Would be awesome to see stats too.. Recommend to install Thunee APK.

Great app !! Good job with this app. Played many games back to back. With your updates it looks like it's gonna just get better and better. One request, maybe add some cheats like we do in real life. Lol. Thanks.

#features-including Not bad! Looks like everybody been waiting for this forever...cant call doubles or kanuks...cant colour cut...should introduce four balls as well

Was waiting for a working thunee app!! Just needs a bit of work though. Ai calls up to 70 to trump without having really good cards ... My partner trumped having the queen, king and 9 but after calling forty he used his 9 to pull the jack out... I called thunee and my partner took a hand, yet we won the game. And the game continues even if the opponents are trumpless. Looking forward to future updates. Hopefully we'll see some online play one day and the option to play 6 hand thunee

#features-including Cant wait for the updates :) great entertainment !! Bought this in support that you do make those changes in the updates,but way to tiny on my 10" Another problem partner calls to trump , second last hand I have the last trump , after we take the hand the,opposition came down ?? ?

#online-game Can barely see suites on Xperia ž! Needs to be more configurable. Like sound settings and speed of the play of hands between players. Otherwise not a bad game

Needs work on tablets! The settings option does not work on my 10.1 inch jellybean Asus tablet. As a result the cards are way way too small to see. All cards fit in a 1 inch square, and its almost impossible to distinguish between the suits. I've played the windows versions in the past and enjoyed them. Please fix the settings option and I hope there's a way to scale the cards there.. Recommend to get Thunee APK.

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