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Bought the Merge Cube from walmart for $1. Its a bit laggy. But i didnt expect much, since it was on clearance. Even if you dont like the apps, can use the cube to throw around like my son does. Just wow

Im having a really good time with this app! Its actually really nice for my short attention span when im bored, and to exit the minigames/demos theres a little arrow button in the left top by the cube that you can tap on for anyone who didnt know. I love that i can bring the cube closer to my phone and "zoom" in on the little city as well! So glad its working with my phone! Superb!

The game is great but it always says "we will now screen record" and its annoying Works perfectly

I like when I press the radio button and there were different music and I loved it so cool Worth a go!

I tried all of the merge apps at this point. I brought the merge cube on sale at Walmart for $1 today. It's a pretty cool idea but a lot of the games have issue with tracking and lag (on my droid turbo anyways). Honestly I'm leaving my review on this one because all the apps should have been on this one instead of having more than 5 separate apps. This and Rubik's cube are the most optimized and have very little lag and have good tracking too but they're both sorta meh. The most fun games were Tiltball and Defused. Defused had tracking issues and lag which made playing the time based game hard. Dig was horribly laggy and it didn't seem much like a game but some people might like it. Explorer had horrible lag just like Dig and it was really impacting how good the app could have been for what it is. It was still worth the dollar I guess and I might keep some of the apps until I beat them but them my merge cube will probably just be a stress ball. Surprisingly

Love it. Its a cute idea. Just wish u could exit a game properly. Other than that, its cool Perfect!

I think this app is awesome for begginers with the merge cube. It shows customers thr potential the cube has. I would love to feature this on our Youtube Channel and give some credit to y'all. Please let me know what i would need to include on my video. Links, credits ect.. thanks so much for an interesting app!! wow lol

I like it! Although, it is a little laggy. Other than that, I give it a thumbs up Flawless

This isn't a game, but a collection of mini-demos. Each is interesting for about 30 seconds, but they show some of what can be done with the Merge Cube. The controls might be better in VR mode, but my phone isn't compatible. It is possible to back out of a demo and go back to the main menu by moving the cube so that the center dot is over a button. Worth it!

Pretty fun! I like it! The concept is good, nice execution, and cool! How ever it is best with a VR (virtual Reality) helmet, otherwise it's hard to manipulate the phone and the cube. Most people say you can't exit the games... You can you have to aim the dot at the purple arrow then click your phone screen or click the button on the helmet if you are using VR. Overall you guys should make more games.. I don't like how most of them are paid we already paid for the cube of you have to keep them paid, at least make more free ones. Fantastic

Just got the Merge Cube and trying to figure it out. The game seems like it could be fun, but you most likely need the VR glasses for it to work the best. I don't like that you have to close the whole app before you can play a different game. Cool idea, but it needs better usability. Perfect!

Such a cool concept. Lots of cool things to try. But you have to close the entire app to switch between games. That ruins the entire experience. Please fix. Great!

Great game, I am having lots of fun looking at all the merge games, I just have one question for Merge: Do any of your games have a function where you can put personal 3d models into the Cube? I got the cube for Christmas and I thought it would be a great tool for my D&D campaign, but I can't find any tool like that. Help? Thank you in advance Well done!!

To use touch features you use the middle cursor. To go to a new game in it there is a back button on the cube. You are welcome in case you did not know :) Just wow

Got this for chrismas it is the best thing i own though it may be laggy at times but still Amazing!

I think is good, but it's a but laggy at times. Also, there should be more games. It seems like once you play them all a few times, it gets borring. And I don't want to spend money on MERGE CUBE games, I already bought the please make more games. Other than that, 10/10 Brilliant

Touch works need to keep the dot on button and then touch any place on screen will work... Worth it!

On galaxy s6 app breaks everytime i restart the phone, only way to fix is to reinstall love it

Needs MUCH more features and more exciting games to play so everything in a drag having to pay for everything cool Well done!!

This app was AWESOME! I never got bored because there were so many things to play and explore. Fantastic

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