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I tried all of the merge apps at this point. I brought the merge cube on sale at Walmart for $1 today. It's a pretty cool idea but a lot of the games have issue with tracking and lag (on my droid turbo anyways). Honestly I'm leaving my review on this one because all the apps should have been on this one instead of having more than 5 separate apps. This and Rubik's cube are the most optimized and have very little lag and have good tracking too but they're both sorta meh. The most fun games were Tiltball and Defused. Defused had tracking issues and lag which made playing the time based game hard. Dig was horribly laggy and it didn't seem much like a game but some people might like it. Explorer had horrible lag just like Dig and it was really impacting how good the app could have been for what it is. It was still worth the dollar I guess and I might keep some of the apps until I beat them but them my merge cube will probably just be a stress ball. Surprisingly

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