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I really love this! But I don't really like the new tool bar. How do I turn it off? Cool

Well we're now a month on and the prices are still truly ridiculous, I'll now never spend a penny because there's clearly some plank that is Worth a go!

I love these kinds of games especially the sandbox mode but there is a problem I have its that the amazing looking stuff costs too much diamonds but other than that it's a amazing game Recommend

I've been looking for a game like this for a long time and now I finally found one TheoTown Not bad

I've been playing TheoTown for a long time and the updates have made the game wayy better. Must have

I purchased many items including the military base and I am unsure how to restore purchases if there is no feature I am to be sorely disappointed Awesome

I loved this game, BUT the newer update slowed my game down and I cant place roads on airport zoning anymore (?) (Im on one of the biggest maps) Brilliant

I have been using this game forever and it is the best city build game out there. I love the music and I like that the music is happy and calming. Well done!!

Im addicted to this game. I love that it isnt an annoying tap and wait game like so many other city builders. I LOVE THIS GAME. Marvelous

It's one of the best city building games I have ever played but... It's kinda boring after playing for some minutes. It would be better if you introduce some new features like You have to make each city differently like each city will have different weather conditions. Buildings compatible with the weather. New objective like, your town is going to organize Football World Cup. Decorate it to make the visitors amazed. And many more. Night time view. Try adding some mines like gold, oil, gas etc. Try to add some famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower etc. Please try to add Temples and Pagoda in religious building section. And most importantly, you should start working on graphics gradually. Great!

I liked this game very much. But u can make this game more enjoyable by making an online version of this game. In which we can conduct war by our military forces all (AIR NAVAL AND LAND FORCES) Overall this game is awesome! !!!!!! Pretty good

, I really really want to play but every like 10 seconds it keeps crashing please please please fix this Perfect

Perfect I could never imagine this much could be squeezed into a tiny screen, it has almost everything the classic Simcity series had. Just download already! Worth a go!

Absolutely love this game. I have a soft spot for pixel-art games and ones that let you build whatever. So im so glad that this game exists, with a sandbox aswell. Please add more things that aren't locked as I don't want to pay for things in the sandbox as I feel it takes something away from it being a sandbox. I know it's free but I would definitely pay money for the game as a whole though. 5* Works great

The game is nice but now I must need to watch a video to get the money I have earn it while I was not playing the game even without an active internet connection. So I rated it 4 star . Works perfectly

Thank you again for making this awesome games Omg

Dear blueflower, I like this game but i hate the new toolbar and your forced to use it. Must have

Love the game. About the new tool bar, I don't really like it to much, It makes sense to do it that way but I personally like the old one better. Can't wait to see the next big update. Perfect!

Great game, if I only have on comment it would be - to make my cities realistic and not completely full of high rise I make villages of small housing.. I have to make them untouchable one by one. Can you add more zone options, maybe single dwelling, low density, medium density and high density? Thanks. Brilliant

The best thing at first! They're bringing so many updates on the way! Great! Finally one App Developer who's doing a great Job! The Graphics are old-school, but it's good as it is! The gameplay easy and makes fun to destroy the city Worth it!

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