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A good simulation game! I have been searching for a while for a game that has no IAP and that reminds me of the old sim city games. I found thanks to the r/Android subreddit. Good job. love it

Finally. Dude, you rock. Awesome beginning to what could be a great finished game. Really, ive got hopes it will be better than Simcity build(sh)it. It already is in my opinion. I will never turn off the title screen ad, do you get extra when people click it? Keep up the good work! Can't stop!

Awesome game Love the game! I wonder why it's not so popular. Maybe you should advertise on fb. Worth a go!

Great. No annoying ads no microtransactions. It would be cool if there was natural disasters that happened and if you could control the tax rate of different areas. Cool

Awesome city sim Good little game for a genre that's lacking in android. Everything ran flawlessly but it is alpha and is a little raw, no energy/water meters, no income spread sheet. Even still you can play the game just fine! Pretty good

Awesome game soooooo awesome Tips for beginners to make money you must have many industrial buildings because they make the most money and commercial make sure to connect buildings with water and electricity when you make a residential zone it will attract people that will attract commercial then industrial EDIT: yah still waiting for an update like a week and a half now Fabulous!

Amazing! This app is so good for a genre that is kinda rubbish on android. It is only improved by the fact there are no in-app purchases! Recommend

Cool concept ! I really love the abscence of Freemium mode on this game...meaning i wont have to buy coins or wait three hours for a building to get build. It's just good old school gameplay. I really hope you will be able to keep it that way. Better add a paid version than a freemium one, I would be happy to buy it. Other thay that, the scaling of the game is a little bad , like the resolution too. But these will sure be fixed in upcoming versions. Overall a great game, I already play it often ! Highly Recommend.

Loving it! The game is not complete, but I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to see this game finished! Runs great too! Great!

Great game but could do with some instructions I feel as though this could be a really really good game, however i can't seem ti find any kind of instructions :-/ Also where are the residential buildings, i can't find them anywhere and hence have no habitants :-( wow lol

The city builder that android needed! So even as is in a early alpha stage of development it's completely playable. With the lack of IAP and intrusive adds it's exactly what we need more of on this market. No absurd wait times, no social crap, just a good old fashion city builder. I highly recommend this if you enjoy things like sim city, cities skylines, or Openttd. Enjoy it!

This could be something Have played for a few while and got hooked already,definitely would recommend this game but please add more good stuffs.. Fun

Can't Wait To See Where This Game Goes Theotown. I love this game so much. And it's in alpha. Sure it's not simcity or cities skylines but theotown is special. I can tell this developer just wanted to make a good game and is not worried about making money off of it. The money part is a bonus to the work. Keep working at this app please, as I will keep playing with the ads on forever. Theotown is love, theotown is life. Fantastic

Great potential! Still needs a lot of work but I love it so far! Please don't ever go the "freemium" route! Currently No IAP, Ads optional (leaving mine on to support the dev). Well done!!

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