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Love the game I like everything about this game. Once the official game comes out ,I wouldn't care if I was selling for $ as long as the game never has in-app purchases. Fun game. Love the sandbox mode. 5 star

Wow Didn't think cute city management. Could work on my phone. Pleasantly surprised. Hope to be able to pay for it soon. love it

AWSOME The game will be even better if there are transportation building like train system and cab/taxi. Keep up the good work can't wait to see the further updates Surprisingly

Wow A game that surprised me. Obviously there are some issues but it is still one of the best building sims on the app store to date. Fantastic

Really Good If you like the older Simcity's, you will love this game. I started up with low expectations and I was genuinely impressed by how good it is, especially for an alpha. If you're reading this, please try it out. You will not be disappointed. Go well

Fun but... The buildings don't always build as in houses, jobs etc so I would have too demolish them and make new ones Perfect!

A great game in development. With low graphics, it allows use of most daily needs= like water,electricity,medicine and entertainment. And other priority's like police control and fire stations. Also like city skylines. The placement of houses is generated by type. Like industry,housing and city. My personal suggestions are adding sewage, food,rivers and lakes with docks you can build. Garbage centers and high density housing,industry,city and office. All and all. Its great so far Awesome

Great game Very addictive if you want a good, interesting city builder that has a great style and freedom to do what you want. Superb!

Love the concept of the game! It is a work in progress as you said so just keep on working cause by the time your done with this project it will be one of the best games Cool

Already loving it I haven't gotten anywhere in this game and I'm already loving it. The music is great. There's no tutorial yet as far as I can tell but the game is so simplistic you really don't need one. As long as you've played or know how to play a city builder game it's pretty straightforward. I also really love your blur shader it makes it look a bit more realistic. Anyway 5 outta 5 can't wait to see where this goes from here. Great job

Still alpha This game is very early and difficult (as the balance stands and if you don't know what your doing). While there is not much to do in the game it shows promise and if final bringing the "real-time" city builder to mobile (unlike games like clash of clans that take days to construct buildings) Must have

Great start Can't wait until development chugs further along. One minor complaint: it's VERY hard to make any profit. Haven't been able to accomplish it, even on a very basic setup. Maybe it's a bug? Great job

Great game Its a good game overall and as new updates come it will improve. Its also like city sky line which makes it all the more fun. so yum

Simple and fun I like this game. Theres a few typos here and there. I really would like more content but overall good fun. Marvelous

Familiar and good so far This is like a descendant of SimCity 2000 and is pretty easy to pick up and play. A few more tweaks and this could be wonderful. Addicting!

Amazing I hope it remains ad free and no iap. I honestly wouldn't mind paying a dollar for this game. Good job. Super fun!

Lots of potential. Could become the best city builder out there. It's completely free of any freemium cashgrabs, and has a lot of depth to it. Unfortunately, it's hard to get into due to lack of charts/a too basic interface. Just wow

Updates I'm always checking for updates to this amazing game. Can't wait to see where it goes. Like others, I wouldn't mind paying for the game if IAP's are kept out of mind. 5 star

Good start Very promising city building game. Charming graphics and intuitive to pick up. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses! Great game

Runs great on Shield, also Android M issues Won't start city on Android M Preview on the Nexus 6, but it runs great on my Shield Tablet. Great work! Looking forward to updates. More fun

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