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This game is great and i lost my old save but im not mad i dont care if i build from scratch. I know you guys want money from ads and all that stuff but the forfeit or watch video to get it the money that we make during not playing is to much i beg you to remove that if it stays like is going to be hard too hard i think to play if you do change ill rate 5 stars- EDIT=i would suggest the developers of this game to stop the forfeit system instead juat make the player watch an ad every 15 or 30 minutes and with the money they got from afk i will unsure you that players will play for a long time Great job

I like the simple graphics and overall gameplay. However, I would like to suggest some features An event where a criminal appears. It could be stopped by police. Eventually it would become a fire People become injured and need help by a hospital ambulance. Eventually, the happiness rate of the building where the event occurred would decrease Medieval town expansion pack, about 500 or more jems. EDIT: but also, it won't start up, can you please fix? EDIT: the last few updates did nothing. Going to lower my rating further and uninstall and reinstall the app EDIT: ok, it works now. Bringing my rating back up to 5 stars! Not bad

Awesome and nostalgic game. Reminds me of many SimCity 3000 memories back in the days. Best city simulation game out there. The sky is the limit. Thanks devs. Just wow

More like a retro version of SimCity... This game could be made more challenging by adding scenarios & not to mention about adding micro-people on the roads with opinions on the city & new buildings for various zones. Cool

I really love this game. Could you add a "copy-paste tool" that can copy a whole large area instead of only one building in sandbox mode, so players can build easier? The update would be appreciated. Works great

Have played for a few while and got hooked already,definitely would recommend this game but please add more good stuff.. Flawless


This game is really good! The graphics are fitting if not the best and it's very easy to progress and I have not needed real money nor a particular amount of time to do so. It's easy to build the town exactly how you want because of the complex and versatile building systems. Gems are given pretty easily which is nice. I knocked off a star because of the lack of instructions and the function that means you either watch an ad or forfeit income, not because I need to watch an ad (I have no issue with doing that) but because several times I have agreed and the game has treated it like I've chosen to forfeit and an ad never plays. Regardless, really amazing game! Amazing!

The past update really really turned me off of this game. But the recent update to it totally redeemed this game for me. This game, to me, is amazing again! Thanks for putting up with my criticism and making this game great again. More people should play this game Pretty good

This is the best city building game ive ever played and ive had it for a long time. I haven't had any issues with this game until a few weeks ago nd everytime i play after 5 mins, if that long, it crashes could u please tell me what i need to do to fix this? I dont want to uninstall or anything bc ill lose my gems ty. Works perfectly

I was just playing some theotown, and I started searching for all the pollution in the viewing tab, then I saw "Waste Management." I freaked out of excitement Worth it!

Can u guys make the airport's tower not so much plz. Instead of a million dollars (which I never got to before in all my experience of Theo Town.) Make it something like six hundred dollars. Thank you, From your biggest Theo Town fan: Christian. :) Works great

Very nice and beautiful love it.. Please update in 3D version.. If I make zoom the picture is broken.. Please fix it soon.. Well done!!

Cute little game. A lot like an earlier version of that other well known branded game. Cool

I recommend this game for everyone who likes city simulation types of games. It has some In-App purchases, but I don't mind them since I can buy them for free. Also if you feel like something is missing, you can add buildings by yourself with plugins. It is truly an amazing game. Brilliant

Nice game if there were more buildings and more updates in the game and buildings that can be placed on water and and bio dome for farm's it could be awesome and if there were more disasters and decoration and i can't open the game is there a bug Superb!

This game was really enjoyable until they killed it with build times. I dont understand why the devs would want to do that other than to get money. Its sad to see that i can never build and sculpt a city the way I want to due to how long it gets to do anything. The only thing that would be good was if the devs did not remove this game but to release a vanilla version of how it was before they added all these new features. *Edit* I gave the game a decent run recently and made a really nice town I have added to stars and feel as though I overexagerrated the impact of build times. Good

Damn, the last time I've checked upon this game was a year ago. Heck, they sure take care of Theotown, because it's still as good as it is right now Muito bom!

I love the new updates but I'm not to happy with the tunnels costing gems I'm willing to go without them but it just seems like a money scheme to me I'm ok with them being expensive but the gems is to much. The Video to get the Theons from when we were away is tolerable and if it helps y'all get funds to make a better game and help y'all live then I'm happy to watch and give you revenue. I love the game though. Brilliant

It's classic SimCity, on your mobile tablet. So far, without oppressive paywall. Truest game I've played on mobile yet. Well done!!

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