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Using gems to build underground roads?? Why? Anyway, game's improved since my last review. My CPU still runs hot while playing this game. Please fix. Not bad

Whenever I attempt to launch the game I sit at the "Blueflower" screen. I've let it sit for up to 30 minutes without touching it. I'm running the game on a Samsung Galaxy S8. If you can get back, that'd be awesome! Amazing!

Played this a few years ago. This game has came along way! Fun to pass the time, i cant believe this game is free. Pretty good

Be verry verry careful about the path you take game developers. don't tern a relly good game into a pay to win. I would be happy to pay for the game if i needed, but like the other reviews this say don't make the game pay to win!!!! Works great

A true blooded, classic city builder with nostalgic graphics reminiscent of the early sim city. It has a bit of a learning curve but overall the game is quite enjoyable once you get the hang of using the controls (the sheer amount of categories can be tedious at first) Also, despite having micro-transactions, they are entirely unnecessary to the game play and is truly optional (unlike Sim City Build It) Some may be deterred by the retro graphics, but I believe it is a classic solution to limited battery and performance. This is because after the settlement reaches a certain size, the toll the game has on the phone is rather noticeable, even at the lowest settings (So AAA graphics would literally make this impossible to play on mobile devices). TLDR: Really fun, slight learning curve, graphics are the way they are for a reason. Great!

Recently i update.. Since update to new version.. Road system like sucks... Can u check for me... Cannot build bridge properly Good

I feel that rebuilding the freeway was to expensive when i droped a meteor on it it took about 50tk to repair it but otherwise its a good game Works great

Its excatly like Simcity! I have been looking for a game like this on the pbobe for ages! Thanks for creating sucg am amazing game! Perfect

You should add parking lots, it could fit better in a city and I don't have to make lots of car Parks when I can have a parking lots in a big city area. Flawless

Love the game but it crashes all the time I'm lucky to get 2 minutes in game without a crash on any of the bigger maps, and that's with the game settings turned all the way down. On my bigger map with a planet ranking I'm lucky to get 20 seconds before I need to save and it crashes. I would make it 5 star if it even crashed half as much. Also The second fire hall when built randomly away from other buildings causes every type of road to display to much traffic. Superb!

Great city builder. It has everything you'd come to expect from a sim city clone. Has some microtransactions but nothing is needed. I put $12 down on it so I could get more building textures and support the developer. 5 star

I have followed this game for a while and i am glad the game is out. The game is good the only thing holding it back is my imagination...... ok I'll leave. Flawless

Best building game EVER! But 1 question I already bought the military base and other stuff are seems to gone and now I have to buy another one.Please help me and respond Perfect

Raised to five stars because the app is regularly updated. It is a fun, interesting city builder. Well worth downloading. Can't wait to see more developments. Marvelous

Man with each update, its getting worse with the ads, forfeit or watch !? This game used to be simple Just wow

please deeply optimize your app and codes every update before releasing because i felt the laggyness now. Muito bom!

It is amazing but you could make everything free otherwise you could get more players to play but it is still very goooooooooooooooood Enjoy it!

Nice game. And can you make the tunnels free or higher the daily gem reward and the new special buildings to be bought by gem's and hope you ad more features in the game Recommend

This game is the role model for all City management simulations. All developers should take note from this game. I really love it. Not bad

Getting worse with each update. More adds, more gems, more pressure for in-app purchases. I've been playing for years, and i'm sad to see this. Would prefer to pay a reasonable price for the whole game :( Works perfectly

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