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Very good game a lot to it reminds me a lot of city skylines , so much to this game and a good time killer :) Flawless

The game is awesome. But when I play for like 10minutes it crashes and auto exits. I dont want to keep saving my progress every minute. Please fix or check it. Superb!

An actual free to play game. Good ol nostalgia mixed with decent city build strat, I've really enjoyed it. Hoping for more updates and add ons. GG WP Worth a go!

Its fun and not. You said town are connected but only energy and water? In new map still need that source. If town are connected or should share the resources between town. Next is about i need more thing to do. Well i just need 1 day in 2 map fully upgrade. So i need more please. Other than that its good. It kinda remember me of City XL in pc. Just wow

I honestly love this game. I love the systems like water and power, and controlling the way the city functions. This game is so relaxing, and the retro feel makes it all the better. Please keep adding more builds, get even add it to the point where when you get to the big world rank, you can populate another planet! Must have

Been with this application still the beginning tons of improvements since. but expect them to come out with new things like tunnels more military things ,a dock ,and more things to things to build menu not just simple ideas like a police station you know CIA,or the FBI make things like that Works great

I've played this game for years, right back to when it was just some tiny indie project, so to see it turn from that to a money making machine, where stuff is way too expensive is disappointing, if the cost was less I think more people would buy Recommend

Is one of the best games I played on my phone it's addictive but I would like them to add curved roads and I now this is like an old game but I don't like how it looks, it's just a giant grid Brilliant

Can the developer add disaster such as Invasion or zombie outbreak underground train. So far best city build I ever play. Good job 5 star

once I start playing this game I soon realise that There's no category for waste management I keep on looking but found nothing. Worth it!

Add sanitation buildings like landfills and incinerators and junkyards for better disposal of rubble. Just a suggestion. Tnks Worth a go!

I recently switched phones and I had everything on thus game except the new skyscrapers and the Valentine's thins is there any way I can get all my stuff back bc I don't even feel like playing it anymore. Thank you soo much I'm gong to send you an email. it saved all but 3 things. I just hadn't logged my game in to Google play on my new device. But thank you for helping and replying and for always adding new things in the game! Amazing!

Game is OK, I used to love the old version but I feel like your getting really close to pay to win. Also hate how I have to pay for specific buildings and that you keep giving us less and less diamonds to purchase these buildings. Go well

Great soundtrack. But about half way through the tutorial I got stuck on a page I couldn't get out of. Not sure what happened. The tutorial was really confusing for me but I really want to like the game. Just wow

Gosh, I love this game. It is the most realistic city building game ever as in mobile phone. Anyway, I am a bit upset about how the tunnel cost diamonds, it is a bit too much. Awesome

A game that totally makes my day greater than before, although there is still sort information related to how to build things. However, the information could be found on its wiki. Thans dude! Worth a go!

Great Game ever Played, I love the Old Pixel Game that's Simule reality rather than new game only virtuality But please Remove the Diamonds in Sandbox for Tunnels and Other Items. Please Highly Recommend.

Can u add people walking in sidewalks because that would be more like a city thank you Perfect!

I recently switched phones and I had everything on thus game except the new skyscrapers and the Valentine's thins is there any way I can get all my stuff back bc I don't even feel like playing it anymore. Even tho I'd really like to since I got my new phone and the screen is clearer and the colors are brighter. I was a daily player until this can u help me? Fabulous!

Its weired. It is the best city builder game i have found for the phone. But it seems like a normal city builder game with a hint of a free app feel with a few options to watch an add to boost whatever. Its incredibly well balanced, and a great time waster. If you like sim city you will like this game. Works perfectly

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