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I think you should add something with the military and have it to where there are other cities being built in such a way by a cpu Brilliant

Can you add multiplayer where in multiplayer like there's going to be two people on separate devices they can build together love it

Is it possible for me to buy fireworks cause now when I got to firewprks nthing comes Perfect

Great game. You can really play it for free if you want. It doesn't stree you for uprgades Great job

I love this game so much I'm begging you to make this for iOS also please please please make this game available on iOS also. Marvelous

Might be a small mobile game but with PC calibre city building mechanics. Very deep and detailed simulations, Perfect!

It's good but there are way to many in-app purchases for a city builder. I get buying certain things like military bases but a forestation that's just absurd. Besides the in-app purchases the game is a great mobile city builder highly recommend Just wow

AMAZING...Feels like SimCity 2000 more then any other builder on mobile. Thanks and please continue to make this so much better keeping to this style.... Worth a go!

I realy like this game. it reminds me of the first simcity with some of the 3rd added in. I wish i could start a new reagon with the unlocks from rhe first tho. Cool

Basically the best city building game out their, kinda surprises me that its a phone game. Perfect

I have always wanted a game like this on my tablet. I've just been dying to find a game where I can build my own city in sanbox. This absolutely without a doubt my favorite game. I'm also glad to have been apart of this from the very beginning. I remember when there weren't even the gem things. I have am truly glad to be apart of this beautiful game. Good

Great fun!. * I would love to see Night time with Some buildings lit up *. I also enjoy the weather during gameplay, makes more exiting as i build away. Great job, Thanks Appriciate the game Go well

The zoning works with no problems detected, you have smooth, yet retro animations with destruction and zone building, and serene, dark, and upbeat music. One of my favorite sims ever! Worth it!

Really an underrated game. I think I am not capable of reviewing this game. This game is the most played game in my gad. love it

Best game ever.. looking forward you add more sports,jail, Courts, University or college's, passenger ship, airport passenger.. thank you.. Fabulous!

The blueflower people have really put a great effort to make this game happen and I must say this game is my most played game and the favourite one.One thing for sure that this game is not for low end phones ,the frame drops are crazy....but loved it.Thank you Marvelous

Nice game. Hope that you make the tunnels free on sandbox and maybe add in buildings and maybe build in another planet Recommend

I love this game but I think we should have better destruction but love the game Must have

Grand experience. Might take a little while to adjusting to controls but once you take off its quick going! Perfect!

I played it when it first came out and it was a fun, sim city for mobile. It has now improved with its gameplay in general, but while it is understandable I am a little disappointed that microtransactions were implemented. It does not hurt the gameplay very much as I am fine with watching a video for activating things, but it still holds a couple things behind a pay wall from what I can tell. I am only 30 minutes in so I have not experienced everything so do not fully rely on this review, but if you can get past a few gameplay quirks it seems to be a fun and addicting game where you build up your own city while managing your citizens wants and needs. Superb!

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