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it's pretty good but unfortunately it's pretty buggy. there's too many adds popping up like after every look at themes and the bug if you disable notifications, the whole app refuses to work so you have to reinstall it. if the bugs were fixed I'm pretty sure this app would be 5/5 but until then, it's just a work in progress Works perfectly

So much advertisement! Seriously do you need one every time you look at something or press the back button!? Works great

چرته میری داخل برنامه تم ها نمیان نمیدونم چرااینجوریش کردنننن؟؟؟!! Great job

The app worked perfectly for me. There are quite a few ads but it's still usable and you can just delete it after. wow lol

Yes, you'll get a lot of ads in this app, but you don't need to suffer them long, nor do you have to keep this app installed after you're done browsing for a new Plus theme. There is also an in-app paid option to support development without ads. (The developer keeps the Plus Messenger itself clean.) Works perfectly

Me gusta pero hay algo que me fastidia Me gusta pero me fastidia estar recibiendo anuncios cada ves que se actualiza algún theme he incluso son temas que yo no utilizo. Not bad

So cool Great!

So cool Perfect!

So cool Well done!!

So cool Brilliant

So cool Brilliant

So cool Cool

So cool Superb!

So cool Enjoy it!

So cool Worth a go!

So cool Well done!!

So cool Perfect!

So cool love it

So cool wow lol

So cool Not bad

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