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Comments, though im not obliged to read them, put this app to shame. But the articles and layout are great! Omg

Im uninstalling. Only cause I read the comments and it bums me out! But the preformance of this app is questionable, alot of the time its fine then I have days where I click a story and a different one opens, and theres no link to that story you wanted to read. Or you click on one and it opens the first story.. maybe its my phone idk tbh! Anyway, its good and a lil frustrating! Not bad

It's my go to app for news, however, when selecting an article to read the app directs me to a different article. This is getting annoying. It didn't used to do this. Please sort it out. Pretty good

Not a bad news site. Irish news that other major outlets don't cover sometimes. However the comments section is full of out of touch right wing fanatics. Muito bom!

Best thing about The Journal is the comments section. But needs to bring back the Red Thumbs for chastising the lunatics! Awesome

App has gone downhill, the journalism on the site is not great and was not the main reason I used the app and visited the site, the comments made it, now with red thumbs being removed you can no longer tell if the dumb controversial comments on the site represent the majority of readership or not. No red thumbs now people can and do say something controversial and their comment stays on top with only useless green thumbs and hidden replies which you now have to click into individually go view all. My usage of the app and website has dropped significantly and am now uninstalling it... bring the red thumbs back and all comments and I'll come back. Go well

When scrolling down through the apps news it will unexpectedly go back to the top of the page so you have to start again and scroll down. Really annoying! Please fix! Flawless

Getting Worse. News articles are ok. Comments section becoming overrun with far right muppets spreading fear, hatred and misinformation. Absolutely disgusting some of the comments that are allowed. Worth it!

Edit: The new version is FAR worse than the previous one. Comments don't post, so people post the same comment repeatedly. Bring back the thumbs down, so there is balanced feedback. It's ludicrous to just have thumbs up. Original: Please can you add the following features: allow user to "save" news items to a "favourites" list. Allow user to "follow" items. Allow user to list their own comments. Please stop the app using so much battery and allow the app to be permanently stopped without automatically restarting. Perfect!

Chews through my battery. Is constantly draining my battery and at the top of the app list for batt usage Update March2017 - new update has ruined the app and comments section! Surprisingly

Good news reporting. Comment section gives an insight into others thoughts on current affairs wow lol

Love the up to date instant news, totally enjoy the quizzes. Keep up the good work Marvelous

Good luck with the the the the the the the and and the hospitality industry was a very popular and the hospitality industry is a great value #hopical Just wow

Pity they delete the real comments. Also enjoyed comment of the week but they did away with it. Good stories but a little biased sometimes. Amazing!

I have tried a lot of different news apps and this is by far my favourite. I would recommend it to anyone who was interested. Worth it!

Love the Journal, although there are some right plonkers on here with nothing better to do than red thumb people all day. Great app though. Works perfectly

Had it on my last phone so Hasbro put it on my new one, keeps me informed during my working day. Not bad

The news.. Little quirky ways of showing you what's going on.. One story leads to another. Really good Well done!!

Enjoy reading. But keep up the good work and don't do stories just for the sake off themxx Muito bom!

Really enjoy reading it every day keep's me up to date with all the latest news. Enjoy it!

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