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Love how you can play to earn energy. Story is great as well. Love this show and game. However there are a few bugs. Sound goes off and on at will, my avatar changes whenever and now wants me to re-buy all the clothing and hair i had already purchased:( Great job

The game so far has been good , but now that I have gotten to case 6 it does not want to work anymore. I can't go anywhere or do anything as it seems like the cases are frozen or not there. (I have tried to get in to the game to get my app ID number but for some reason it keeps saying that it needs update but has already done it , still won't let me in.) Perfect!

I'm having some major issues with my game now. It was my favourite game and now I can't even play it. Would like someone to reach out to me to see if we can resolve these issues and I can rate the game according to how I found it before all the issues started. Thanks. Perfect

The story is good - very "X-Filesy". There is a mythology arc, as well as MOTW/mystery cases. I am on the final case in Season 1. Some of the words used to describe objects are uncommon ("carriage" for wheelbarrow; this is the only on that comes to mind now, but there have been others) or misspelled ("rug" instead of "rag"). Fantastic

It's sometimes hard to play on a phone due to the pixel hunting caused by a smaller screen. Otherwise stellar! Perfect

Its really fun , great storyline my fave game ever, you do have to wait for your enegery to refil which makes sense Worth it!

I would highly recommend getting this game if u are interested in searching for things kind of games Perfect

I really like this game. However, there are some issues that need to get addressed. Especially after this latest update. Current bug: In flashlight search mode, none of my "finds" get multiplier bonuses. It auto accepts and rejects the find, negating the bonus track. General gripe: It takes too long for energy to regenerate. I play for about 10-15 minutes, run out of energy, then wait till another day to play since it takes so long. Also, saying a scene is cleared when you don't get a star is weird....I would change the language there. I really want this game to be successful as I like the unique gameplay and I love the x-files! :) Works great

Its not too bad of game. Just you run out of energy too fast then you have too wait for the day to end. Amazing!

Never liked games like this. But my love for the show has me hooked. I also wish the stars would follow to the next episodes. Seems like a waste. The agent seems a bit more cocky now compared to a couple months ago.... He has his moments though so it's ok. Flawless

The story from what I've played is good but if you don't pay for boosters you are wasting your time. Superb!

Great gameplay! Just wish that stars would follow through the files, and not stay to only one file (would help out in case pro-lvl is too difficult for some players. The pro levels are really hard, especially when you only have the flashlight light to see through. Would be nice if in-game $ could buy energy replenishments. Enjoy it!

Interesting story and good gameplay (if you like this type of game). Ridiculously expensive though - already at the second case you have to play pretty difficult hidden object scenes and one mistake will make you lose the game, which is made more frustrating when it can be a simple misclick. And to top it off you either a) wait or b) pay 1$ (9 sek) to replay the scene once, thats crazy. 5 star

It's ok... would be alot better if it wasn't soooooo time consuming... everything costs too much energy... i really liked the x files, so i am kinda disapointed... Just wow

Small problem on case 3 and my next objective requires 2 stars and I have 1 but only one scene is open and it's classified so I have no way to get 2nd how am I supposed to progress. Awesome

Good game except it told me that I unlocked the senators office in the leper king case but when I look, it's not unlocked at all. Please fix. Enjoy it!

I liked this game, but I just logged on and my game started over! I spent months (because it takes so long to regain energy) getting to where I was (3rd or 4th case). I'm not starting over, is there a way to fix this? Flawless

Good game. However it shouldn't ask you to get things from people in order to continue from case to case. I don't know about you but being asked for things via Facebook just for a game would really tick me off. Marvelous

Great game, however the Facebook connect seems broken. Says "We could not log you in: You can not log in to this app because you do not meet this app's requirements for country, age or other criteria." Also I'm not going buy anything in the game until you guarantee that there will be no more profile resets. Brilliant

Kind of annoyed with the new update because all my points and boxes I had got reset and the game is essentially the same. I do like how it's easier to gain stars and that you do not have to use energy for everything. Enjoy it!

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