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I love the paper but not sure about the app. WSJ just added a new feature for augmented reality. Are they kidding me? Why can't they fix what is important to users? I still can't set the app to default to today's paper version. The automatic download doesn't seems to work well since I often can't load "today's paper" when there's no internet connection. love it

A sad app with potential. Initially, I loved it, but usually about every 60 days, it stops working stating 'content unavailable '. This forces you to have to delete the app and then reload it, losing any saved articles. Most frustrating. Better off just reading the wsj on line and save the aggravation. Worth it!

This is the best WSJ app yet. The format, and design are beautiful. Smooth UX all around. Breaking news ensures I'm the first to know of important headlines 9 times out of 10. Muito bom!

Great app but lacks stock market data, that feature is offered on iOS but not on this app. Highly Recommend.

App works well and the WSJ is good content. A few nits: there should be a way to tighten the line spacing in articles; vertical real estate is wasted. The reload notification appears for way too short a time. Also,: the app is down, with "Content Unavailable" too often. (This was happening before the new version of the app came out.) My place is often lost if I leave the app and later return. 5 star

I wish I could access their comments section. But, I recommend the website portal to the WSJ. Go well

After the FT, the NYT, the WP, a top sourse of info. Just don't read the editorials. Pretty good

Vast improvement since its original release years ago. Almost better than reading on their web site. Great app and one of my top 5 overall. Fantastic

It's alright. The content is not that different from the more affordable news outlet. Worth a go!

Huge improvements made recently. Good work WSJ. The ability to switch from a 1 column layout to a 1×1 column layout (2 columns = 4 headlines as opposed to 1) would be sublime Great!

The app is excellent . It provides a brief summary on the main page and easy to use . Easy to look for news by category . Not bad

Informative and unintrusive. Breaking news notices pop up, so I can see the headline even if I don't have time to read the article. Recommend

Breaking news notifications are useful. I do read the daily print version front to back but enjoy browsing through the online one at will. Superb!

WSJ has vastly improved the app over the last few years, but I recently reported two additional issues. (Regarding ads and photo galleries) WSJ staff responded to my review and I can confirm the issues I raised seem resolved in the app. Marvelous

Since I last reviewed this app, WSJ has finally fixed the crashes that plagued it in 2017. I'm glad that basic reading and navigating of the latest news is pretty good now. I'm not super excited about the new design. It seems to waste too much screen space on static elements while browsing for articles to read. Muito bom!

The interface update made around late February/ early March really took the app to new heights. It's now very user friendly and straightforward. Brilliant

Its ok. There's some simple overlooked usability issues that irk me. For instance there's no apparent way to quickly go back to the top of the Latest news. You would think just clicking on the Latest news link would take you back to the top but it doesn't do anything. Little things like that could really be improved. Overall it's stable and works well enough even with a few UX flaws. Works perfectly

Somehow the news feed /river and swiping action does not invite me to explore beyond the first or first two 'tabs' Perfect!

Requires $ to read much if the news. On par with New York Times (maybe Washington Post as well, but enough of the paying for newspaper on my device so no WP comparison). Seems not as critical on politics unless it involves trade. Even less critical on general public policy (such as gun control, plight of the working poor, or environmental pollution). Great source of business news. wow lol

It's one of my most favorite and must reliable news sources. This is my go-to app if I want to read the daily news! It is also unbiased, unlike many other sources! Good

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