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Well I have reinstalled this game again, think 6 or 7 time, lol over the years! One of my faves, sure wish there were more like it! The looks and everything, is like having a tiny world in your pocket! Ok phone! Haha well here we go again, new phone to try it on, am crossing my fingers! Had half the islands done on a device, when suddenly lost it all, and no backup... So yep was not into starting it again at that time. Lol But yes I recommend this game, on a 1 to 10,its a 12...when working.. So wish me luck, and I wish you too! Perfect

Changed my review to one star. This game gets boring!! Costs too much for production. Waiting time for productions are far too long & the cost of upgrading building's & unlocking new territory ius stupidly too long!! As you get further into the game, costs are higher & quest's take too long to be able to complete & move on in the game. I seriously want to delete this stupid game! I've spent so much time trying to excell in this game & it is ridiculous! *Don't download this stupid game! It sux!!!!! Awesome

Its fun and entertaining but there is a lot of wait time involved, unless you, surprise! Spend money to speed it up. love it

After playing this game for a bit it's grown on me love this game it's really addictive after awhile I click on to how to play the game now I can't stop playing it new adventures all the time keeps me really entertain thanks Surprisingly

Twice now my progress has been deleted and have to start from the beginning. I am completely disappointed in the game now and I loved this game Well done!!

It would be nice if making things that are needed to accomplish a task didn't take so long. That or make the events longer. Good

It's k haven't bèen playing long hope doesn't start making you purchase to keep leveling up like other games after ya get so far up in levels Worth a go!

The game is more beautiful Works perfectly

I;m not sure,I just started the game to night. It takes a long time to build when you don't have money. Works perfectly

Love this game seems like its never ending of new things to do. Kids always like see whats new. I have on both kindle and phone. But be warned: its addicting! Must have. Great job

I love this game I always play it but sucks it wouldn't connect to my fb again so now I had to start from level 1 I was level 35 Brilliant

Cool game. Great way to pass time! My only dislike is the mandatory tutorial; when incentives appear you can't get it because of the tutorial. Well done!!

So far I'm LOVING this game!! Some things take TOO long to build/upgrade, gems are HARD to EARN (not everyone has money to spend on gems) and the warehouse fills up WAY to QUICKLY!! Perfect

Since the up grade after watching the adds you get nothing sprit wheel has been stuck on 3spins since no free spins and no extra coins or goods lost out on a lot of thinks can't get any gems :( Amazing!

This is one of the most fun games's a growing..daily..FUN time!!I have it on 4 devices! Just download won't be sorry. I love all the new additions and holiday decorations as well... 5 star

Have always loved the tribez games since they started. Nothing has changed still just as awesome! Worth it!

This game is awesome it's easy to control great graphics the only thing I would say I dislike is that it takes a long time for some stuff to finish growing or to build Brilliant

After upgrade 3days ago, i cant downloading asets. I stuck in 8%downloading asets. Fabulous!

I am 46 years old and I can not stop playing this game keep up the good work on to these games. Well done!!

This game is really fun I love to design different areas of the village. Very addicting I don't like to stop. Great!

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