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A Must Buy My first Google Play purchase that I find is absolutely worth it. Originally bought it to listen to Tom Hiddleston's perfect voice (which really is perfect, mind you), but hey the poems were really great too.

I love it. I lil more improvement I can't save my favorite.... and I hope we get more additional poetry in the next update. It's missing few of my favorite poetry...... and more of tom hiddleston please .... lol

Last part not read I just purchased the App and it'swonderful. I tried listening to some but the sound always cuts off just before the end. I already tried deleting the App and redownloading it but the same issue persist. How to fix this?

Fantastic This app is a wonderful creation and the actors and actresses made the experience terrific. There's just one problem. When I try to record myself reading, the app does not record any sound. My phone's microphone is on. Please fix this. Thank you!

Amazing! I never thought I would like an app like this. I downloaded this since I'm a Tom Hiddleston fan, but there is really more to it. Other audios sound great. It's like someone is telling you bed time stories. I just wish they could record the whole book in here instead of just sentences of it. Great app and would totally recommend. $0.99 is a steal!

Beautiful app but the audios cut off Beautiful, wonderful app. Very easy to use. However, the recordings cut out right at the last line of all the professional readings I have tested. Please, ease sort! Otherwise it ruins the effect of the reading.

Annoying This would be a great app but on about 80% of the audio tracks it cuts off and ends just before the last one or two words of the poem. Super frustrating.

Great poems! *melts at the voice of Tom Hiddleston* I would however love to see more Emily Dickinson and Shakespeare 5 star

I love this There is nothing better than people with wonderful voices reading poetry to you. Great!

Super duper app! Great app! I hope there will be more poems read. I wish you could add tanya davis here :) Worth it!

Taking a star away :( I don't like the way this app only records your own audio randomly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Brilliant

Great I like this app so much. Especially with the audio. Just a suggestion, I hope this app will also have a playlist so that it can continually plays audio after audio. Perfect!

Deliciously Human Possibly the best $3 I've ever spent in my whole life. I am looking forward to the mental health breaks I will have at work listening to Tom and Emma reading love poetry to me... Recommend

Perfect x If only Tom would read all of Shakespeare's sonnets for us.. If I had the money I would gladly pay him to do this

It's full of love!!!! The best app I have every purchase in my life!!! It has my favorite authors and actors. And I'm falling in love with the rest!!! Thank you! ¡Amo! Well done!!

Playlist please! I really need to able to queue several in a row. I love the colors, keep the black background! Good.

Everything I wanted and more! Bought this as soon as it was available! I've opened it every day since, I can't get enough of it! ^_^

Heart a flutter I'm really enjoying the various interpretations of these poems and being introduced to unfamiliar poets.

Amazing My best app purchase of the year, "May I Feel Said He" by E.E Cummings was

No, really. I LOVE this app, but many of the poems are cutting off halfway through. Please, please fix it! Pretty good

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