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Who here remembers old school puzzle games? The ones with clever level design, exciting gameplay, and puzzles that were gameplay rather than set pieces? This game is classically clever, well designed, fun to play, easy to understand but brutally challenging. The designers need to launch some titles on the computer or games console because this has the makings of a fantastic original game. The only way to improve would be making it longer, and having a controller. love it

I love the game but.... when your fighting a boss they need multiple hits and I need one. I think we should at least 2 hits for the your first companion and as you get a higher level one the hits will go up and max out at like... 4...5...6... not higher than that or it won't be challenging but as I said, I love the game, but please take my advice. Great!

Paid for game only to have to pay for extra lives or wait for cooldown. That's crappy behaviour and I feel ripped off. Game concept ok but poor polish. Really puzzled by the high ratings. Works great

Challenging and fun a well made game! Some of the puzzles are glitchy though. I can't get passed the first level chapter 2 I just end going through a wall then falling in darkness forever. Perfect

It was ok. It just isn't for me , it needs quick thinking, and I was looking for a game that you can play mindlessly. It might be for you, might not. Also I loved the story!! Surprisingly

My favorite game, but I got strucked in it's 4th chapter's 3rd level. It is not has it's video .please repair this problem Must have

I think that it could use a better story. Perhaps I'll write one. Done with the whole gameplay already... love the concept of the story, day and night as twin sisters. Highly Recommend.

It's great for now and I hope that you guys pull something new and interesting for this game. Surprisingly

The atmosphere of the game is really great. As for the game itself, every time you feel like it's being too repetitive, it'll throw something out to surprise you. So, it's good. And so are it's looks. Must have

This is a great free game. The levels are just puzzling enough to be fun, and the controls very rarely mess up. Plus, only one ad was required to get enough stars to unlock all the levels. My only complaint is the boss fights. The bosses require more than a dozen hits to kill, but you die in one hit, and these battles have no check points. Even Dark Souls was never that unfair. Well done!!

Love it. I give all ratings 5/5 except control (4/5). I use button type and sometimes the bulb shot to left-bottom side although i don't want to, and it often happens when i'm teleporting (i can hear the sound when the screen fades), which is wasting my shot gauge. Other than that is really fine, i'm currently in chapter 3 will be happy to finish it soon. (although i don't wish this game ended sooner, already hooked with it) Surprisingly

It's amazing, overall. I like the design of the game itself and the story is great. You can really feel its atmosphere (even in menus) and thrill of each challenges per stage/chapter is good. Though sometimes, I thought, what if it has a better touch response thingy. I'm not sure if it's a hardware thing or a software thing but I know you can optimize it. -Using Acer Z630- Worth it!

It's really good, but the controls sometimes stop, which gets annoying when you're trying to cross a bridge. Worth a go!

My Achievements! Where are my achievements? I used to love this game so much. But now, I'm not sure. My connection was fine and my google play account was connected to it. I tried clearing the chapter 3 again even if it's already cleared. What the? Still not cleared in my achievements!? Please fix this. Superb!

How do I get the "No Ad" acheivement? There is no option to remove ads from the game by purchasing. love it

Dialogue is very clearly translated, as it is written awkwardy. Controls are very buggy - sometimes they don't work as expected. Pretty good

Some chapters have difficult levels. Moreover don't start again from initial point after death. And there shud be a health meter; no instant death plz. The game is great however. Just wow

I like this game.... But sometimes controls are difficult to handle. you should give some hints. And The chapter 4 part 3 not understanding how I will clear it. Amazing!

I'm stuck on chapter 4 level 2 because I keep dying and it requires a level of precision that is incredibly difficult to achieve, being nigh impossible. That seems like something that would need to be fixed in the next update, another half second added to the time the opening is open would be such a huge help because I'm always just that split second too slow. Just wow

NOT LOVING Everytime there's an update I lose all my purchases..The only way to get them back is to uninstall..Really 5 star

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