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App pays for itself after a couple of uses. Great value for money, however Help centre is not helpful at all. Worth it!

Worth every dirham and those who are still thinking of buying the entertainer......PLEASE DO IT ONLINE...MANY BENEFITS DONOT BUY IT FROM LEADING STORES IN UAE. I did a mistake and missed out you don't Perfect

Great app but think the locked offers should be more clearly marked as such. Also chat feature had issues - the text box is too small and text disappears as you write. Extremely frustrating as it's supposed to help with problems, not make them worse. Cool

If travelling abroad must download this app and buy relevant packs. It is very well accepted and gives you loads of benefits. Perfect

Cool app with really cool deals. Sending vouchers to friends is abit of a nightmare. Lost a couple of vouchers like this Works perfectly

Good app, not much on Delivery promos, also, you then have to speak to actually speak to people :o Also don't get any promos, would be good to get one or two daily about places I'm near that could offer promos Great!

If eating out is your thing this app will not only pay for itself within the first two meals but give you allot of choices to keep yourself busy. Great!

Love it... Went to a place today where we could not guess would be a part of this awesome app! Perfect

Fair amount of options, Quick searches, possible to renew the used vouchers (a nice to have feature already put into practice). Not bad

It's good app. I have made back what I spent to get the 2018 vouchers, but I would have liked to have had more halaal options 5 star

It's a great app to help you save money will enjoying your time out with your loved ones! It is great for anyone especially for people who are on a budget example full-time students like me. Very easy to use too. Keep up the good work! 5 star

The app is easy enough to use. Few decent options. Pity some of my favorite restaurants have delisted over the years. Works great

good day ma'am I finally got hold of number and just sending you a message to let you know that I have to go to the shop first time in the UK, and I want to know is that the lesser know brother of the game was wen Alex scored from our box. . no probs. . just make sure u have a whitie cutting ur grass in edgemead. . yoh. . I will be there at the moment. . . . . . . . . . . Worth it!

I love this app but can i become an agent as there is not enough offers yet. Stellenbosch and surroundings are well covered but for instance nothing in Melkbos. Pretty good

It was great when the programme first started. However, over the years many good restaurants have been removed and no longer part of the programme - making it less attractive and less choices. Overall still good for great savings! Fantastic

Best value for money app ever.. We discovered so many new restaurants and activities in and around my area that I would never have visited if not for the entertainer Marvelous

Awesome app, we dine out twice a week for sure, so we found this app perfect for us. And it saves us a lot of money. I would always recommend this to my family and friends. Flawless

Amazing app.Although some restaurants don t give the offer on the coupon. It's still the best way to try different cuisines without spending a lot Amazing!

Its a great app for those who travel very frequently and go out dine, play. It can safe you a fortune Muito bom!

Im still about to discover and explore the app. If there's something which can help me benefit from this app then it would be greatly appreciated. Well done!!

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