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This game was great. But I wish there was a little more to the diary pages and a little more area inside the house. Superb!

Thanks for the first time in the UK, and I will be able to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get to the new year and I have to go through Fabulous!

First of all y'all can't be talking you can't even spell right. So yeah it's awesome Omg

its a excellence game great game, its good ,nice but unfortunately its excellence game that I've seen ever wow lol

Great job

Must have

Highly Recommend.


This game is difficult even in the easy level The baby if he comes and sees us he just wont leave u he'll come behind u It leaves u when u go in her home Works great


Great job

Pretty good

Where do you find the key when you are in the lock room, cause I cant find it dont mind me i am half blind Great job

Go well


Slendrina has a scary baby That I m play this game and I m shocked to see slendrina's horor baby I m much scared of this horor game Pretty good



Worth it!

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