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this is the best,. cueing is not hard, very smooth graphic as well and i enjoy it Works perfectly

I enjoy billiard games and this one has my attention. 5 stars and no issues. thanks guy and gals for a awesome game!!!! Brilliant

What i observed in this application that many times it disconnect you from the server. Often times you will lose the game even though you are winning the game Perfect!

Love it but some issues it freezes when loading sometimes other then that great game Enjoy it!

Really good pool game. As I am a pool player it behaves very much as in real table. Much better than the 8 pool from miniclip with the insane ball movements. HOWEVER the game has connection bugs and it freezes or disconnects once one clicks while playing on buy coins, mostly this happens by accident. Also when the screen goes to stand by mode due to inactivity game freezes as well. Support is "looking into it". Terrible programmers. There are also other bugs but don't affect your game. These guys need to work for their money wow lol

It takes forever to load.. Nice in game but if u mistakenly hit a button and want to return back to the game it takes another eternity to reload. Infuriating Fantastic

The new advertisement after every game is a crock. Whoever decided this must be done without fixing The Kinks in the game such as every time you miss on the 8 ball on the biggest table 1 on 4. It penalizes you mind you the most expensive table. Yet the brass decide to start doing advertisements without fixing kinks..well played. . Also they never respond to any complaints yet they feel the need to advertise after every game in force you to buy chips Cool

Really good pool game. As I am a pool player it behaves very much as in real table. Much better than the 8 pool from miniclip with the insane ball movements. Try it out and I sure you will love it. Great job

In and real 8 Ball when you break and you get the 8 ball in you win so why the f*** don't you let you win when you get the 8 ball in in this game Go well

Just downloaded the app ill tell you more bout it when done playing here in just a sec. Fantastic

Very nice game especially when. It comes to a perfect chat room however it needs some with work on the control and game play. 5 star

I just start play and everyone should play this one i know you here this alot but this is no lie Cool

Having a a micro adjustment bar would be a vast improvement. Otherwise, good game, easy to connect to other players. Pretty good

Very good game, except that you have to wait due to the rival's internet speed, even in the time when you are playing Works perfectly

Very good pool game ,you can earn coins by playing pool against people from around the world .Good control and fun to play 5 star

It my first time, and seems good but not soo good as well as 8ball pool.. But let see what will happend in future Fabulous!

I like it so far good game and it is one of the best one that I've played thanks for the game Go well

It's fun, interesting and it's really worth your time to enjoy it. I always enjoy playing pool period. This apps allows you to play with real people ( which I love the most ) the game is a 10 plus in my book. Perfect!

Overall the game is good.. But during the game the cue ball doesn't seem to stop rolling.. Go well

Best game. Good controls. Please up the graphics pixel. But over all this game is very addictive. Love it. Amazing!

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