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This is amazing..Every song you can imagine is on here. If your a BeeGees fan, this is for you. Works great

Li ed Bee Gees so sad that only one is left but Barry moves on..Great..Many Thanks Google Awesome

Only a Angel I love could have been so thoughtful and made this wonderful app Awesome

Man how can you go wrong with the BeeGee? Listen to the words. Who among us have never felt those words acho deep with our hearts. The App is awesome! Recommend

Great group and great music. God bless them all, the alive and departed. Must have

Thanks to everyone who put this together did an awesome job. I will take your app. With me to my grave. Pretty good

It made me cry l loved they where all so my late wife's faveritel have not put it away in trying too find some one to visit Robins and Andy's grave l know l will be emotionally upset but in 72 and was brought up with them Good

Not bad it seems to be streaming from either YouTube or some of their service but it still is a good collection and seems to work really well wish they had much more selections for bands though but this particular app works just fine and it's highly recommended as it songs go back quite a ways Surprisingly

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