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I think this is best I have ever used. So keep up the good job and make its launcher available to countries like Lesotho Regards Must have

EXPERT OPINION COMING SOON... from a member of 'The most artistically producing lineage known in the world!!! Highly Recommend.

One of the best i've used just love it..... i keep turning back to this theme after a time... hope u'll develop for some other launchers yoo

I keep coming back to this theme Whoever made this theme should just drop the mic and walk off the stage. Nothing more is needed..

Acually has 3d mode Now with permissions?! Really,, how about an update,, didn't have permissions before!!

I see since google revised permissions you have been gradually adding them back and they are only used to spy on us because an icon pack doesn't need Wi-Fi connection, browsing history, personnel info, etc.... One of my standard faves starting with Go and now on Next.. 3 months later and even more new permissions are added. You can record me without me knowing and go to where I go online. You can read my texts and even not send them or allow me to receive them. Use my data which I get charged for and know everything I do and everywhere I go. Sneaky but clever. Basically crippling society to devolve as well...

Love this theme I love this themed wallpaper, I would like more choices like this please. Thanks.

Loved it! Guys this is the best theme in whole bunch of free themes pack.. I really loved it.. It's icon. They are fantastic.. Hope to have updates..really thanks guys whoever made it .. Nice job

#live-wallpaper Good theme, but...! Every time I reboot my device, the icons disappear and I need to switch to another and then reapply it. Really wish the dev would update it!

Bad update?! After the update today many icons have changed. It seems there is only a very small number of icons covered by this theme, when previously it would theme all icons. EDIT: I had to apply a different theme and then switch back to this one to fix it, but it happens again after a while. Have to keep switching back and forth between themes.

#live-wallpaper Browser Icon Wanted! The theme is nice and consistent. It needs more icons though, especially a browser icon; I use Firefox beta...

Amazing Themes! This is the most beautiful themes in the world ! Must have on your android devices ! Thanks developers :). Recommend to download Thank Next Launcher Theme APK.

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