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I absolutely enjoy everything about this app. I couldn't pay my phone bill this month, and this app eas and is a life saver. Thanks guys, best texting app I've ever found. Keep up the great work! Cool

Very good reliable apt, I've got to check out there service plans and prices so I can make and receive calls and texts outside of the free Wi-Fi area's that I normally use if my high speed internet gets used up to quick Worth it!

Good app... I have no service at my house, and I keep in touch with my friends all day on different phones with this app 5 star

Great app, you get your own number, and unlimited calls and texts via WiFi or you can also choose the Cellular and WiFi service for low cost plans! You gotta try it:) this is how wireless should be! love it

I feel it has all the benefits of text free (my previous prefered texting app) but allows me to make outgoing calls making it hands down the best low budget solution to wifi voip service. Brilliant

Its way better compare the original company's its so Enjoy it!

So happy my boy surprised me with this app! Love love love it! And such a gift to me to to be able to text and call! Especially during down times when my service is off on my phone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Fantastic

Haven't had any issues so far. Just started using. Will rate again at a later date. So far it's great. Highly Recommend.

Love it .... Easy to use and very useful any where you go. Hey you can also make those 1800 calls even when your in mexico. Nice love it. Not bad

It won't let me sign back in it just keeps saying an error has occurred so I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the app and it won't let me sign in Just wow

I really don't know anything about this app I was dared to write a review abuot a random app Go well

It's a good app but I just started using it .so I really don't know I'll use it for a week or so then I'll wright a review on how good it works and if there's any bugs to be worked out of it Muito bom!

Most of these kind of apps, don't have free calling just free texting. This one does! And u don't have to watch videos to get time, unless of course u want international minutes. But u can earn those free that way as well. Ads are annoying always, but theirs doesn't effect the apps functioning like some I've seen. And it's quite cheap for a year ad free if u want it, only like 20 bucks for a year I think. Considering, it's free, u really can't expect it to be perfect. But it's better than it should be for free! Enjoy it!

I have used this app for a couple years and its amazeing iv tried other ones to but come back here iv lost phones and all i have to do is log into my text now on any device and all my info is still there........ Its made things a little easier for this single mom thamk u 5 star

I love it! I've been using text plus and paying or having to watch videos to call someone with text plus you don't, I love this app. Cool

I kind of don't like it because it can't call with no Wi-Fi. Can call with no wi-fi with out ping $20 Brilliant

I Love This app, it helped get me and my fiance back together,I can't say enough thank you!! Omg

I think it's great. My phone was stolen and this is helping me keep in touch with people! Thanks you text now! Perfect

People can't hear me. Difficult to place calls with systems where you have to press 0 ...(the hang up button is too big and in front so it disconnects the call.). Would love video chat, I like the ease of use and ability to call internationally. Wayyy too many ads. Works perfectly

I absolutely love this at this is the best free phone app you can ever get like ain't no other one toppenis none of them get it just get it and on the plus if your phone is off you still can use it unlike other ones where you need to send a phone number or number or code you can just get a number for no call necessary that's the best part about it Surprisingly

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