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Exactly what I wanted! The default voice does seem to skip to the next paragraph on encountering a semicolon. Switching to a Google voice bypassed the issue. No more skips. love it

It has everything I needed to read magazines. I love zoom feature for example. You can easily copy and past your text and make an article. You can change the speeker. You rarely see ads. It is not comparable with peer softwares. Works great

Great reader. Skips some sentences from pdf though. The option to slow and speed up the speech is valuable. The different voice selections is a nice touch. I wish there was a way you could select the portion on the text that you want it to read Amazing!


Thanks, Nice work ever, I have the window and sync to my Android, I love it. Awesome! Marvelous

I love this app. As a writer I edit by having my books read to me, so this is a perfect app that will make my life easier. Highly Recommend.

I have tried others too......but its Best pdf listening app ever...the only thing it should have an option to read slow also...But afterall it is bestttttt.....***** Good

It is an excellent app. I don't understand why so much poor rating to this app.. it is a good app.. Omg

This is an amazing app. It does a stellar job at reading from websites; so great for news. Highly recommend! Just wow

Great for pdf to speech, but it can not correctly remember where you stopped reading. Really annoying. I wonder how they expect to sell their pro version that is suppose to keep all devices synced if they don't even manage to remember the position on the same device Fabulous!

When I had this app on my iPhone, it worked wonderfully. Now, on my Samsund S8, it won't recognize my Google docs. wow lol

Good app. Some person's poor ratings of this app is misleading and almost baseless Well done!!

Good stuff. I can now listen to most books in clear voice and nice tempo when I'm feeling sleepy. Just excellent, for now Recommend

This is really a wonderful app. Even when using one of the free Google voices. A few small things to fix would be Bluetooth playback and the themes. Perfect

This is the first app I have found that even the free computer generated voices are very good. I do notice some anomalies like the free voices do not pronounce some words such as first it says irst. That I caught right away because of the material I am presently reading. But otherwise I have nothing to complain about and give it a 10 even though I can't do that. Thank you I will be investing in the paid version soon. Worth it!

I have lupus this app was recommend me being a huge reader and at time easier to listen then read I love the it started with Alice and Wonderland it's a fave Marvelous

One of the best text to speak I have ever used,, only problem on same pdfs it skips either the last paragraph or sametimes the 1paragraph. But when it doesnt do that it is great. I like that it keeps the texted in its original book format and doesn't copy it into a notepad style display. Surprisingly

Fixed a lot of the issues, though appear unable to delete from the custom pronunciation list for some reason. Still good though. Great job

Way better than Ivona TTS, which is a standard for TTS quality. I won't even compared with Google TTS or anything on playstore. Google TTS have some catchup to do but am sure they will. I don't like the monthly subscription, I wish there were a flat and reasonable price, I would buy it Omg

can u told me how can I save mp3,,, there is no save option,,,if you tell,I will give 5 star Marvelous

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