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180 MILLION POKER CHIPS "GONE" The game took 180 million poker chips from me. It thought I was selling chips or something but I was just putting them into my other account. Please give those 180 million poker chips back immediately. Thanks for.your understanding. Also please answer my emails as well Marvelous

Freezes too much at inopertune Times. Such as when you have a big hand or draw. Needs correcting. Not bad

Love the game except it always locks up when I'm in a big hand, lets my time run out and I lose my chips. I've lost about 6,000 chips that way. Fix this or I'll probably uninstall, because it's no fun watching someone with a weaker hand win because the stupid game locked up. Just wow

Great poker app. Only play two apps. Much the best of ones I came across. Keeps me in good form for real life games. Highly Recommend.

I love it a lot but the only downfall is that you remain anonymous, if you choose, which is unfortunate because you have racist people who hide behind the secrecy and state derogatory remarks when at a table and there's is no way to know who is actually saying the horrible comments. Flawless

I like the game quite well although I've had occasional issues myself. I've lost a few chips to glitches, freezing, etc. I don't buy chips but I can understand why those who have lost chips they've purchased might not be be thrilled when that happens. Some of the players do goof around and may act rude, conder it annoying and find a new table. Considering that it's free, it's all good. Perfect!

I've been playing this game for about 3 yrs.. it's so addicting! Really enjoy playing! Just wish it was cheaper to get chips.. :-( Recommend

The best text s holdm i have ever. Played. Im keeping this app this is the only. App i will play. Thanks Must have

Good game Game is good but some players are slow, some trash talk unnecessarily and vulgar at times.

I like it This game is pretty cool, and almost addicting at times. I was playing it infront of my manager cuase i had to win one last game before i got off.

Glitches Looks like people have found a way to exploit a glitch the game. I was up 3000+ coins to -1000 with only one other player left. All of a sudden the game freezes and my phone has full bars and no reception problem. Cost me the game. When it finally unfreezes, I am second place and lost my 25k buy-in, not to mention the pot which likely was mine to win. Won't be playing this game again. Don't waste your time. Even if you earn a win, people will exploit a glitch and you'll lose.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of these people? ?? 120 million poker chips just went missing from my account the game screwed up and the screen went black on me while playing then next thing I know there was 120 million chips gone. I've emailed them countless times and nobody ever replies!!! I need to get in contact with the apps developers to get my poker chips is ridiculous how they screwed me over after 4 1/2 years of poker with them terrible terrible terrible!!!!!!!!

Passes time... The game is cool but I don't like people communicating and covering up the table so you can't see what they're betting.

Rigged up...and the connection The hands are so unrealistic, I suggest the creators sit down with a pack of cards and shuffle them a couple thousand times, it is rigged for action. The game will do you over, the game sometimes refuses not to connect, it is not my wifi it loads far more complicated games and works perfectly. I've put about £100 on this game and it is beyond me why I keep coming back for more. I also feel like the game is designed to take more chips from people who pay to raise more profits with the hands it puts out. One★ Awesome

Mike Would be nice to have auto buy in so you don't have to wait for next hand when you lose your money.

game of patience if you remain patient throughout the time.... you'll finish with some chips for sure.... patience is the key here...

New to Poker I like this game.learned how to play poker without loosing any real money.It is great fun playing online.

It's a cool little app. It's online poker and I enjoy playing it. I haven't had any problems logging and jumping into a game. I haven't been on any other sites either so that's why I say I like it.

Texas Hold'em I'm lowering my opinion of this app. It seems that if one doesn't purchase chips that the app will reduce the number of winning hands for the player. It seems the cards dealt may NOT be so random but computer driven to steer winning/losing hands in a secific direction.

Great new graphics The constant all in's in the tournaments, on 4/9 or-2/7 non suited is annoying and it can take a couple of times before you find a real game plus the new version has too many glitches. I've downgraded it from like it to it's ok.

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