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Game is fun but it constantly takes your winnings by freezing up or switching tables. Game just stops and you loose your chips. Also, must be playing robot, 8 out 10 times players go all in at the start with real junk pocket cards and way to much bluffing with nothing. Who does that? Enjoy it!

The game itself is great unfortunately most times you end up on a table where everyone goes all in every hand players like that should be banned from the game Surprisingly

Awesome game, would like to know how to set preferences tho.....have no pic?? Can't find info how to set? If you know, plz email me Works perfectly

I like the game but it glitches sometimes when you try to choose and amount to raise/bet..It just puts you all in...Really annoying! wow lol

Idk man It would be 5 stars if my purchase removed the advertisements. I bought chips and the ads still pop up. So that sucks a lot Works great

Best game ever I love gambling. I love poker. But am I wining. Yessssss. In a few days only am up to 4T ...4,000,000,000,000 If only real money poker was this easy. Only change I can think of it will not always allow to raise after last dealer card and sometimes just pays when other players have heaps to get off them. But 5 stars all round from me. However 1 complaint. Leader board shows me in 17th with a few 100B chips when I have 4T. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Worth a go!

It's okay I don't seem to receive my bonus that I get from my bonus spins...also, not sure if I'm playing again computer or live people? Lol....also, makes u bet higher then you want and if you get a lot of chips, it will force to to gamble at higher stakes table.. Marvelous

Betting should be set up differently. Only want to bet a couple chips, hit submit I was all in.. other than that it's Tejas hold em nuts. Good

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