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Great remote access to my car! Can't wait for Summon to drive up like in the promotion video. This app could use some new screen shots. Not bad

App is very useful, like the recent updates. Would get 5 stars if all vehicle functionality where intergrated in the app Enjoy it!

Tesla Power wall 2 : The app is pretty and has a nice user interface. But I have a number of issues. The drop down is too small, I don't have baby fingers. Please increase the size. The very pretty and nice ui usage display is severely lacking in range of data. What every user wants is lots of analysis. Today, yesterday and week doesn't cut it. We need monthly and weekly data for any week. And comparisons between weeks and between months. How else can we fine tune our usage? If you can't do that, then please please give me all the data. Must have

Something happened in one of the recent updates and now I can no longer see where the car is traveling on the map. The app says the location and the speed but the car icon used to travel along the roads of the map in real time. Now it just says the car is driving but the icon and the street name stays stuck on the starting location. This is completely useless. Please fix it so that I can see where my car actually is as it drives around as the app used to do. Just wow

Coming along nicely, really wish I could control the battery preheat in the cold as right now only does it under certain conditions. Marvelous

Why move the start to a sub menu and replace it with the front trunk? I used the phone start a lot since the Bluetooth unlock/start doesn't work with my phone. I would understand maybe the rear trunk, but people rarely use the frunk compared to the rear trunk or, in my case, the start. Worth a go!

Perfect for monitoring our car remotely. Unfortunately can't see referral award details though, only ever get an error: "There was an error retrieving award details" Not bad

Since getting my tesla with weather cold in England @ the moment I know compared with other countries we are pretty lucky but getting up on a frosty morning & been able to defrost whilst having breakfast is a luxury Amazing!

It would be nice if the windows could be opened/closed as well as the sunroof (all the way, not just vented). Otherwise, the app is pretty good :-) Muito bom!

Edit: at first I thought this update had corrected the display size problem I was having with the previous version. But no, the problem is still there. Powerwall 2. Moto X Style XT1572. Brilliant

I'm not sure if it's the cars connection but a lot of the time the app won't update (IE: show me how much battery I have left or the climate option to preheat the car). It would be nice to be able to set a charging time or start charging remotely via the app as well. Recommend

I have a Huawei 'phone running Android 7.1 and although the app functions much of the graphics are not displayed. Reinstalling doesn't fix it. Superb!

This update has corrected the display size problem I was having with the previous version. Powerwall 2. Brilliant

Much better than the old version, the UI is fast and reactive; it also connects much faster! Muito bom!

Definitely love the car & the app, BUT patiently waiting on updates to improve performance with our new model 3. Also, currently almost impossible to listen to music from my phone with my Bluetooth headphones due to Bluetooth instability. This didn't begin happening with my headphones or my Gear S3 watch until we installed the Tesla app 2 weeks ago when we took delivery of model 3. Overall we are stoked with all things Tesla! Enjoy it!

I have been using this app for over five years and overall I think it's great. The are many things you can add to the app, but two obvious ones are - to be able to start the software update from the app and to be able the change the charge rate from the app. Keep innovating! Not bad

Second post. Using for power wall. The app display doesn't size correctly for my Nexus 6p phone. The bottom text are cut-off. Hope they fix that in an update Well done!!

The new version of the app miscommunicates real time powerwalls status and energy reads. These problems did not exist until new version was downloaded. Needs addressing by IT. Surprisingly

Pretty nice app, most functions are common ones needed remotely. But, for some reasons, the fingerprint function is disabled frequently. It will be nice to have Bluetooth power dropped and phone key only works when driver is 2ft from the car so the car will not unlock while I am walking around the garage. Please add a feature to fold both mirror from app. So we don't have to fold on the screen. I don't feel it is good to put fold on auto because it will demege due to frequent fold/unfold everytime you walk close to the car. Recently, noticed that under charging "charge port is open" is always there. It said connect charge cable. But I did, it is still showing it. 2/12/2018:. Please help. The new update stops my Bluetooth every few seconds,. If I stop the app in background, BT works fine. Problem must be related to the new update. 5 star

The gradual improvements to the app since I've owned my Model S (Jan 2013) have all been good except for the last one. We now have the Model S and the Model 3 (Jan 2018) and the phone key implementation is a disaster. Tons of Bluetooth crashing on my phone along with frequent reboots of the car to get i the phone key to work. I just love the "yes, this is the new Model 3. I would let you see the interior but the car won't let me in...again". Seriously, just give us a fob! I know it's the app causing the crashing because once I uninstalled it they all went away. Recommend

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