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When the background comes brown where that bird is behind us. At that time there is a place where there black everywhere and we out. Pls change that Worth a go!

It is a superb game.It is the best. game I have been played. In this we can change our land after visiting on air balloon. I like this game very very much. THANKS. Just wow

The is a good time killer and a good playing experience but the game contains many ads Good

This game is nice but why the playbacks. You can't move forward still at one place Well done!!

I think its okay..the graphic looks real but the game was a bit boring actually and this is not even a real tample run...but i suggest u to do a bit update 5 star

temple final run is the best game which i played well and i really enjoyed it alot love it

I don't understand all of the bad reviews. This is one of the best apps I played in a long time! This app is a no brainer for anyone who loves temple . And the first 3 world's free?? I'm surprised you don't have to pay 10 dollars for the start. Even if you beat the game there is always more to do, such as get all of the pink coins toad rally and remix 10. Graphics and controlles are great! And this is the cheapest temple run game for ten dollars. 5 stars!!!!!! Works great

It's been fantastic and wonderful game nice and lovely game great work by developer Perfect!

Temple final run is a best gaming app i have ever played. Temple final run. Love it Recommend

tempale run awosam luck with niec Devlopar work amazing and beautiful and niec looking designing vary vary good games Highly Recommend.

I can't waste a day without playing this game more interesting than the tmp run oz Fantastic

Temple final run it's wonderful game i really like this game nice work by developers Great!

It's been fantastic and wonderful game superb work by developer...................... Superb!

Temple final run......great app....easy to use this app.....unique more interesting app......thanks to developer for this app..... Good

I like this game it Is fun to play and kind of scary and a little hard to Amazing!

I am love the game id very interested to see what is the work. K.Mahendran Kuzhanthaivelu. Thanks for your kind. Not bad

Temple final run......great game creat by developer....superb game.....very unique game so it's make more interesting game......i like to play this game..... love it

Temple final run is so cool game for playing it's amazing for real fun it's amazing Marvelous

This game is really amazing and awesome game I like this game nice work by developer Cool

Temple Final Run is Awesome Game.... Very Addictive and Superb Game...Awesome Graphics...It's Great Graphics work Brilliant

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