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The game is good , it could be better ,I am sure developers are working on it.. would be better if we see more characters.i would love to have a three star character.. because I am not able to play it for the same time as I used to. I have completed almost all the story mode . I am not able to go ahead. Plz do some thing. Would love to eddie and haurang. Lei. N Bryan. love it

This game needs no introduction, bcZ it is so famous. I like everything in this game but i hope that bandai Namco will do update this game and bring some legendary players in this game too.... I miss the lei wulong , hworang etc. I loved this game so much and i upload videos of this game on my YouTube channel Kaprofessionalz.... Thank you bandai Namco for bringing us this amazing game to Android platform... Great!

Love this. Always been a fan of the Tekken series and wasn't sure how the mobile version will be but I love it. It's not too fustrating and makes for easy yet challenging gameplay. Well done to the team and I can't wait to see what the future updates hold. Ps. If you need beta testers, sign me up :-) Fabulous!

Pay to play isn't a factor, best daily rewards I've seen in a game. Character unlocks happen fast enough for free to play. Story mode could be more user friendly and maybe an option to do all fights or an indicator on which path was taken last time so 100% would be easier. All in all a great game Awesome

No nonsense high quality graphic as always, easy control for new players who like to enter the tekken universe, lots of event for players to take part. Too bad no vs mode. Overall namco bandai have done a good job at making a new mobile tekken game Well done!!

This is a great mobile fighting game. The controls have been adapted well from the console version and simplified for ease of use. The games looks amazing. I'm just wish you could hit people on the ground and the story mode needs a bit of improvement. Very basic story integration. Not bad

Good game, but slow loading times. The daily rewards feel like something I actually want to accumulate. The combat is good thus far. I haven't unlocked higher level characters with all the combat options so my opinion is an incomplete one. love it

Have could be amazing with a Bluetooth ps3/4 dual shock controller input. But as it stands the siding your fingers around and pressing the fighting area causes for a poor controlled fighting game. The waza card system is unique, but coupled with the poor character control makes for a very difficult experience. Marvelous

Game looks great, it's quite fun to play but it's totally boring after some time of playing. When story is completed, the daily events are usually either not worth the time or impossible to complete. So for last two weeks I hardly can find a reason to open the game. Devs should try to think of something more interesting to keep people playing every day. Perfect

Game was perfect until I played dojo with my best fighters and now they are locked and I can't use them. I'm so frustrated as I'm a long time Tekken fan I HOPE YOU PATCH THIS AS I WON'T BE PLAYING UNTIL ITS FIXED. I even spent coins on trying to refresh the list as they're are no one there to fight and it has locked my best fighters. Good

The concept of the game is good. But it gets boring by fighting same characters at the same place. It is the reason I stopped playing Tekken on PlayStation and same here. The story mode in PS gets boring and same thing happen here. I know the story mode can't be so long and different every time especially in Fighting games like Tekken. wow lol

Since last update been spot on. No other game has basically no loading time just straight in fights and litterally no adds at all. Top marks great game plenty to keep you wanting high star players and is a game were you have to use actual skill. Marvelous

I wouldn't mind to pay for a full version of the game as long it was playable like the old one. Great graphics and good game for those who likes to upgrade stuf, not in my case Enjoy it!

- Online play REQUIRED. I sometimes have to repeat a fight later if there's something up with the server. My fighters are locked so they can't heal when this happens. - Looks gorgeous and plays fluidly, as more detailed models are swapped in for the victory animations at the end of a fight. - Looking forward to local VS! Recommend

I like the game - the problem is are the glitches with the menu system - when u want to use items- the game will not register that fully and will just take your item and not use it ,so its wasted - its doesn't make the game unplayable (so far) but its highly annoying(the game sometimes freezes when this happens). Another thing - please make the fights two rounds with a possible 3rd round if there is a tie. It would make it so much more fun instead of just a one and done fight. Works perfectly

Fun game, enough for a Tekken fix. I'd rather pay for the game than pay to heal my fighters non atop, which spoils a lot of the fun. Game very often encounters problems after a fight, and doesn't save, either freezing or forcing a retry. Pixel 2 xl. This is making the game unplayable. Yes, we all know how many issues this phone has. Gosh. Highly Recommend.

Amazing! Only gave 4 stars because it hangs waiting for the internet connection whenever the 4G is not available. Especially whenever I am on the Metro I spend more time looking at the frozen screens than playing. Why cant you do something about situations where an intermittent internet connection is all that is available. Save everything and sync with the server maybe? Thanks! Surprisingly

Like the game but it has glitches. Ex Live Events missing prizes Win 3x's claim 1 prize on 3rd try (should have 3 prizes) Blocking doesn't work all the time. Random freezes.. Cool

Amazing graphics, sound and music! Instant nostalgia. I'm not in love with the controls, but, I guess we can't ask for much being a FREE mobile version and Tekken's original control scheme can be a little complex. Besides, if you want to really experience Tekken go and buy a PS4. Meanwhile, this is awesome! Flawless

Very good game. Good graphics and easy game controls. I am a very good fan of Tekken and you give me a good game for my phone. The only thing is that is a little harder to get the caracters because you have to get 10/10 parts gems to get the caracters. In the controls if you can run without charging an attack and can give another single attack wile running thru the opponent it could be great. Other wise game is awesome thanks. Must have

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