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This is a great app because it has so many different translations and devotionals. A lot of great content that you can choose. They also have great specials sometimes if you wait to purchase Pretty good

Leaves the reader without reason for NOT studying His word. But, sadly, the Bible still remains the most popular book ever sold, but the least read! Perfect!

The Tecarta bible has so many useful features, that if you are a real student of the word of God, you won't want to put down your phone for one minute, that's how much is in here. Superb study app! Omg

The best thing about this app is it is constantly improving. This really, equips the bible believer,and I love the notes one can make! Muito bom!

Clean, uncluttered and well thought UI makes this app stand out from other similar apps. Seems to be designed thoughtfully with exceptionally high concern for the end users. Pretty good

It is a good app! The only improvement is the NASB could have each verse on a new line like the KJV. Other than that, it is really great! Good

It's a good app that enables you to read the word of God. It is also not complex so nice one!!! Worth it!

Translation Accuracy. Your bible apps are well designed program and easy to use. Congrats. But I only trust your KJV Bible app since other bible apps or translations had no good issues when it comes to translations based on my research. I hope there is no conspiracy of this translations , sorry to use this term, since you can update it anytime. Are these KJVs from 1611? I hope you remain faithful to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amazing!

The best app for owning Bibles and Commentaries at reasonable prices. I just wish they had more of the public domain commentaries such as Barnes, Clark and TSK. love it

Great app that made Bible study easy with taking note and copy Bible reference at the same time. Keeps all my note synchronized up to date to the cloud. In summary, its tecarta Bible and others. God bless the developers real good. Great!

It is a great app, with the ability to add different bibles and commentaries, and devotions. You can sync across multiple devices also. Superb!

Would be great if you had a tracker of the different verses one went through in a specific period Marvelous

Oh uh, unable to initialize chapter, this error showing, when I scroll or jump to another chapter.. Please fix it. Superb!

This app is excellent! It locates scriptures wonderfully. I can catalog my notes and highlighted scriptures to my liking. I recommend this app for anyone wanting to broaden there Bible knowledge. It is such a help! Worth a go!

The app is great,it allows me to keep my Bible close and helps me walk with God. Marvelous

I enjoy the daily reminder to read with the verse of the day! Encourages me to read the whole chapter. Brilliant

This is my go to Bible. I simply love everything about the way the application works. Thank you. Muito bom!

This is the best bible app ever, I haven't had any problems with it and I don't expect to. I have it on my phones,iPad, and my kindle and none of the downloads have given me trouble. AMEN AMEN!!!! Flawless

I thank GOD for using you to provide such life satisfying app. Please pray so HE can use me in some special way too. Thank you very much & may GOD bless and strengthen and provide all your needs in JESUS NAME_ amen Great!

Keeps all my Sunday notes frin the time I started using it. Hence I dont poose the precious notes I take doen every sunday Pretty good

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