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One of the most usable access to most bible versions, study bibles and concordances that I have used. View two versions at a time or text and commentary side by side. Much more... Recommend

twas the best bible app on ios and still is the best after my move to android,so have i realised Great!

Easy to use and understand. I've used it for several years and love it! Thank you! Fantastic

By far the easiest to use and most beautiful of Bible apps - and the seamless integration of the NIV Study Notes puts it in another class altogether. I notice there are now other sets of study notes available - if they are all as well integrated the NIV notes this will widen the appeal of the app. Well done!!

This better than I thought it would be. The add on bibles, commentaries, etc. Are a little pricey, but they have specials at really great prices. I like the fact with the study bibles you can use the notes with different versions. Easy to use. Cool

Lovig it i have my bible with me everywhere i go now very convenient and on hand Worth it!

Hey guys! I think the nougat split apps thing is a lil broken and inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! Please help to fix! God bless :) Surprisingly

Greatest app ever, when I need the word of God it's my hand or in my pocket. And it's great to mark scriptures. I recommend this too everyone who needs the word of God at all times Great!

This is the best Bible app out there. I've tried them all and Tecarta is the best.Worth every support too. New version is fantastic! Works perfectly

It's easy to use. You can bookmark, highlight and take notes. I also love the random verses it select each morning. Great job

Great app, although would appreciate the ability to save downloaded Bibles, commentaries, etc to an SD Card rather than device storage. Fabulous!

4 words... this is the best Bible app there is on the market on iOS operations or Android Superb!

This is one of the best digital bibles I have downloaded. Easy to navigate and use, as well as giving providing great tools. Good

So good. Just the best. Worker bee great if the verse highlights were highlighted across all translations... Surprisingly

Very good Bible app. The Lord is our rock and our salvation. Drink of Him with this app. Just wow

Simple and fast. Best Bible app for Android. The Bible version 1.99 sale was incredible. Developers - do not change anything, as it just works great. Omg

Has Spanish if you want the old version or pay 2$ for Rv1960 version. English part is nice but takes up about 2.5gb for nice audio but worth it. I love that you can change the font size and day or night use for back lighting. Also you can sync with acct. Only downside Spanish version rv1960 doesn't do red words but has short intros for sections, English side doesn't do intros for scenes. Well done!!

This app is so easy to use! I can look at different versions of the Bible easily. I can highlight and write footnotes. And once you have purchased a certain version of the Bible, you never have to purchase it again. You download it to your phone or tablet and it is there..... No need to depend on internet service. It has become my favorite Bible with several versions. Brilliant

I always choose this app because I have it already before. I just log in to my account and all the purchased I made before will sync on my new gadget. It's nice to have this because it is very handy, wherever I go, my different translations of Bible are available when I need it. There are several options of versions and I have to make sure that they are on sale. Love it! Go well

Great App. I was able to purchase a few translations at an affordable price and also was able to purchase a concordance at a very low price. It is an awesome app to utilize any and everywhere. I Highly recommend this app even if you are only going to use the free version. Awesome

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