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I love this app!! It's helping me get closer to God. I use it both at church at home and work. Flawless

God's word with me everywhere I! The features are user friendly, easy to navigate and I especially like the note taking too. God Bless the developers Worth it!

I have used this app for years! I love it! It is the best Bible app I found and it will sync across multiple devices so I have notes and highlights wherever I access the app from. Highly recommend! Just wow

I really like this app and read it each morning, what a blessing it is. Thank you so much, and bless you all. Lynne Cool

GOOD app, but could use more public domain study helps, like Keil and Delizsch commentary wow lol

Easy to use, great interface and design. Also the note taking and bookmarking features are wonderful. Fantastic

Love this Bible app! Takes very little space (considering!) on my phone, navigation is easy and has options, and most of all, I CAN USE IT OFFLINE!!! When I was first searching for an offline Bible, they were hard to find; nearly all of them required a connection. Don't know what the landscape is like now, but I don't care anyway because I don't need to search for another Bible app EVER AGAIN! This one is great! I really like that I can have 2 versions on the screen at the same time for comparison & definition, and I like the fact that I can choose either a white or black background. I always go for the darker background, even on my Notepad app... I haven't had any problems with this app, and I highly recommend it! Highly Recommend.

This is the best Bible app I've ever seen. It has helped my spiritual journey in such an amazing way that I can't even describe, it's so powerful having to know that you can carry the breath (the word) of God everywhere with you with such unlimited access because the Daily Bible verse is just like God connecting with me through this app on a much deeper level than ever before, thanks for making such a wonderful life changing app, God bless you! wow lol

There is no better Bible app than this one in my opinion. Get it. You will be glad you did! Marvelous

I've used this app for a while. There are things I like and dislike. Generally I find the UI non-intuitive. And I'm often frustrated with it. Actions that one would take in any ordinary Android app, like copying, for instance, function differently in this app. Or, hitting home doesn't take one to book choices but a verse of the day. Weird. And the gear icon, which is ordinarily for settings, is a store for Bible versions. Anyway, I purchased a version, but I'm uninstalling. Just not very user friendly too me. Also, the home button will probably need to be repositioned. On the Google Pixel XL, the home button now sits very close to the low curved corner and it's difficult to press. Well done!!

Absolutely love this bible version, being cloud supported its nice to jump between OSs and still have your latest version Must have

This is one of the best bible apps I have come across. It has some good features. Download and try it!!! Recommend

Love this Bible App for the commentary making the word clearer for everyday living! Fabulous!

Lots of Bible apps out there, I've checked many if not all off them out. This is the most reliable app I've found. Worth every penny. I wish they had some interlinear Bibles. That's the closest to a complaint I have for TECARTA . I love it ! Awesome

I use this app on my tablet and it has so many features to help me study the word of God. I am very thankful for all the work that was put into bringing God`s word alive. Thank you Tecarta! Muito bom!

I enjoy the highlighting tools, and that the notes sync with my calender, but there are so many other useful tools that would be fairly simple to integrate, and would differentiate this app from many others. Marvelous

Tecarta has one of the best navigation systems I have seen. It has a variety of useful tools and customizations. Worth a go!

I love this app, but when I changed phones I no longer get the daily devotional with the verse of the day. Really miss that Awesome

On ipad I get a daily devotion... don't swim to have it on android? Love you app nonetheless though. Perfect!

I have been using the Tecarta Bible app for a while now and I have no need to search further, because it gives me all the extras I need. I can change fonts and font sizes and highlight and save. .very easy and useful app!! Works perfectly

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