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A beautiful app for the use of all who wish to know the Lord. The daily Bible reading is just what I need and reminds me to read my bible always. Omg

I wrote this a while ago, and I'm pleased to say that I still feel the same way, if anything, this app has gotten better! Highlight passages, bookmark scriptures, take notes, use parallel mode, save all your data on an external account so it's not lost. The best Bible app for Android. Brilliant

Got this to replace Cadre Bible, which seems to be defunct, and I love it. Has the strongs concordance that I wanted the most and it was only 1.99. Well worth it Flawless

I really enjoy using the Tecarta app because it is user friendly, has more than one translation that I favor, and I can easily take notes within the app. Worth a go!

I love waking up to the daily devotional/scripture for thought. I love that I can set my default to the amplified bible but can quickly and easily change if I want to read scripture through another bible version. I added the Men and Woman of the Bible daily devotional and love digging deeper into knowing something new about the people in the bible and their examples for us. I stay focused on the word of God daily because of this application. With focus on the word of God I feel loved, energized, and empowered to do great things. It is my daily bread. God loved us first... he always has and always will and I'm reminded of that daily. 5 star

I must sincerely say to the best of my knowledge, that this is the best and easiest Bible App THAT I HAVE FOUND SO USEFUL AND HELPFUL in my Bible studies and in preparation of my sermons. It helps me have all Bible versions I could afford and also synchronize them so that I can use them on all my devices. This is great. My Highly Recommend.

Everything is wonderful. App, Bibles, UI and support! ! And it keeps getting better. Must have

Easy to use. Probably one of the best Bible apps that I have used. I enjoy getting a notification for the verse of the day. Thank you for making and maintaining this app. Recommend

If you are a student of The Bible, this is the app for you. It allows for you to keep notes and , seemingly endless bookmarks, everything is backed up on the Tecarta website and many Bible versions as additions to your study. I could go on forever on the pros, so I suggest you install and try it out. You won't be disappointed. Just wow

App is good only when there is discount shown the notification for the same has to be emailed to the registered customer at least so that we will not miss the opportunity to buy our favourite book at a discount rate. Want mev and ikjv version so requesting to please include these 2 version in the bible translation in the app. Thank you Not bad

You cannot go wrong with a book like the Bible. Whatever version or convenience put together. Just study God's word. Well done!!

It's a very sweet app, what I love to see everyday is the "verse of the day". It starts my day ☀. God bless Cool

Best and greatest Bible app with lot of Bible translations and study materials available at a very reasonable price. Kindly add inbuilt English dictionary and a web interface where we can read our bibles online using web browser in PC.. Please please please.. Thanking you for the same.. Works perfectly

The Tecarta App gives me a full list of Bible Translations to research the Word Of God's and the ability to compare Bible Translations. But I wish you would make the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) Translation available to your customers. Fantastic

The Tecarta Bible app is one of the best on the market, one it's user friendly, it's easy to find things, it's got some of the coolest read easy tools available, and anyone can find the love for search the Bible once you try this app! Surprisingly

Nice app. Thanks for making the Word of God available in a world that increasingly ignores it. Only concern I would have is that some of the navigation functions are a little bit of a challenge to figure out. Cool

This was by far this best app when it came to my biblical needs. However now some of the ad choices are making me question the app. Some of the ads have been a bit risky. Go well

Best Bible app ever! Srsly love it♡ has great features like highlighting, notes, bookmarks, & its really easy to use, I recommend! 5 stars from me Muito bom!

Thoroughly enjoy the to the music with the different readers. I would love to be able to replay a chapter continuously, without going back to the app each time to replay. Thanks for this great app. Fabulous!

Great for bible study and making my own annotations. Would like a cross referencing function. Hi-liting function is also very good. love it

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