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The interface of this app is very intuitive to use and pleasant to the eye. Though there are a few free translations, it is when one gets into the resources, available for purchase at reasonable prices, that one can truly delve into the scriptures and mine out more of the nuggets of God's Word and Grace. Well Done!! Worth it!

Thank you for a wonderful app, none out there that I could find that I liked. A friend had told me about this app, love it. Voices r very good. love it

Wish Tecarta would add more functionality, like more colors to high light scriptures with - instead of "marketing bloat" and "verse of day" etcetera. The primary reason I went with this app even though other bible apps provide more translations for free, is because it was lean, fast, and seemed focused on useful tools. Now there menues seem more bloated with a marketing agenda. I have purchased many translations and study bibles and wish there was greater control and separation from the other items I do not wish to purchase. Please clean up and improve the efficiency of your enemies. I do not like the "recently used" menu. It feels redundant and busy. Create a separate link for reviewing and purchasing new material instead. Add more highlight colors or a color wheel. Brilliant

This is a phenomenal Bible app! Very easy to use and feature rich. It has all of the popular translations, and some of the more obscure ones as well. In fact, one of my more favorite features is the ability to line up, side-by-side, two different translations together. Annotations and note taking abilities are both a nice plus. Add to those the ability to sync across my different devices and I've got a winner! The only down side is that, as yet, it still doesn't have a Windows computer app available, but I'm hoping that'll change soon! wow lol

The only thing I feel it needs is to be able to switch to different Bibles easily. I don't know if it does that but I can't figure out how so I use Biblegateway for that. love it

I have been using this app for a few years now and it's a brillant app and I use it all the time. You can make make folders and highlight text and you can save everything to the Tecarta cloud. So if I get a new phone or tablet I just have to sign in and all my folders and highlights and notes have been saved. Also you can use this app offline which is really good. Flawless

Excellent. Best one out there. Unfortunately No Rapture this year. Reading First and Second Book of Adam and Eve plus Book of Enoch. "While the bridegroom tarried All the virgins slumbered and slept". Many were expecting redemption. This is not the season. Brilliant

Been using this app for like a year. Had a problem awhile back and contacted support. The developer was very responsive. The app is easy to use as well and never seems to crash. Works great

I have so enjoyed this app. I first downloaded the niv study bible and subsequently added other bibles, which all interface really well together. It's user friendly and I have never had a problem with the app closing or not playing, or not doing what it was supposed to do. I'm a big customer; I love the specials on bibles and commentaries that come through on email, and am highly impressed with the customer service. Always responsive and helpful. If you're looking for a terrific bible app, stop with Tecarta. Muito bom!

This app is wonderful!!! No issues, great prices, seamless interface. I have tried numerous bible apps. This is my favorite. They are helpful and responsive. I pray blessings and favor for the developers of this app to continue to get the Word to the people. You will not be disappointed Marvelous

Tecarta is fantastic. I have purchased several study bibles and several commentaries. The app is great and prices unbeatable. They work well on my phone and even on my old outdated nook. Muito bom!

This app does everything I need in a streamlined fashion. It is easy to navigate, with many preference options, and only uses a small amount of disk space on my device. Which amazes me because I am constantly onpening the app and adding notes here and there. I mostly use the KJV but I also love the KJV Study bible version as well. Well done app developers, I thoroughly enjoy using this product and recommend it on a regular basis. Worth a go!

I have used this Bible app for a few years now and it is the only Bible that fits my needs in order to study and focus while reading. The audio is great too! It is like you are really there while you listen to all the people in the background. Worth it!

Solid bible App Solid bible App. Gives you a clean interface, and a fair selection of bibles and books. Customer service is a bit lackluster, and they don't offer any messianic titles, or apocrypha. Good for the beginner, but just fair for the avid student of Scripture. Fabulous!

I'm able to sync content between multiple devices, take notes, bookmarks, highlight passages. Easy to navigate and find content. I've tried several other Bible apps and utilize this one daily. Finally I've purchased several translations and study Bibles, outstanding options, content and reasonably priced especially if you purchase on sale! Great job

I love this Bible app. I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4, if when posting daily verse advertisement wouldn't be included. Im not going to share verse with an advertisement that I don't support. Go well

I started using an electronic bible just as a lark but quickly saw that it could be the solution. The solution to carrying to many books, folders and notes. Even cellphone based, which I was (but only until I can buy a larger platform), it was just way to convenient to have the versions I wanted instantly available along with the needed study guides, structured notebook system and more all linked to each other. I still have a lot to learn to keep, organize and find my notes but looking forward to it. John Omg

Great app with great features. Please if the developer could add a "find" or "search" feature for the notes bottom, so that we don't have to scroll all the way back to previous year or years to find a particular note or title. Thank you Fabulous!

I've tried a few different Bible apps, and this one is my definite favorite. It's so easy to find the book, chapter, and verse that I want, and switching between translations is a breeze! Highlighting is simple, notes are simple... I just love Tecarta! Brilliant

I have been pleased with the Tecarta Bible App since I have had it. It allows me to cross-reference different bible translations and that is a tremendous help with getting the understanding that I seek. Marvelous

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